For Philanthropist Warren Buffet Poem by Hannington Mumo

For Philanthropist Warren Buffet

Rating: 5.0

I must say a bewildered chill ran down my back
When I learned the gigantic billions you throw to charity,
A big heart that only the heavens could endow,
That resonates with a compassion for those in depravity
And to them that circumstances have dealt a blow.

Ninety-nine percent of your elephantine fortune,
You've chosen to give them that Providence gave not,
Perhaps an orphan or a widow desperate;
Them that the windows of heaven probably forgot;
Of basic means and amenities bereft.

May the celestial godowns full of treasures unseen,
Be emptied upon your head by the unerring heavens;
May the imperishable extraterrestrial benediction be upon your soul,
And may your childrens' children(all your descendants in whole) ,
Partake of Christ's cup of grace and glory,
For earth has never before heard this beautiful story.

At eighty the weight of time upon you sits,
But he can never worry who has for others lived;
Demise is only a crown fit for arms that for the hapless worked;
It's by the heavenly crew well-received
A soul that on great causes embarked,
And chose to pursue the precarious path of philanthropy.

May you live to be older than any Methuselah;
The world can never have enough of your heart,
And no matter how much I endeavor with all the skill of art,
It never can suffice to praise your benevolent deeds;
Let the gifted seraphs for you compose a rhyme
And the mute galaxies its rhythm mime,
To laud the deeds you've stamped upon the face of earth,
For you've penciled upon faces forlorn lines of mirth.

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