Hannington Mumo Poems

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Late Love

Are you the Aphrodite of the Greek tales
Or the Artemis who admirers drooling sent?
No, for Aphrodite had her little flaws
And Artemis the fortunes of Orion bent.

The Secret

Handsomer men of better height wonder
Where the secret of my irresistible charm lies;
They do not believe it when I enter the pub
And push all the dazzling girls to their highs.

Keep On Keeping On!

You may rest awhile if the going be tough,
Take a breath when the terrain is rough;
Let the oars get some respite
And rower fresh viands bite.


I cherish the pride of hard toil,
The very solitude in which it's done;
I love to stay away from crafty rest,
With glum zeal as the fort and gun!

A Threnody

I should have said this on that sad 9th of December,
The year 2009 when your breath forsook the corporeal,
And went to repose among the gleefully dancing stars;
And Delay to say this deals my soul an incurable beal.

The Ballad Of The Bachelor Beekeeper

The Mutaitho hill zigzags its way to the borderlines of the sky
And to the opposite poses the historic Muilu hill once a shrine;
Now there between slithers the Kimongo River where huge rocks lie;
It’s on the banks of this river where the bachelor beekeeper lives.

In The City

Writhing out of an empty tummy
I jump out of bed to journey,
Inspired by the tic-tac of the clock
That starts to fade as I walk.

Michelle Obama

Mama to the world and a great wife,
Inclined to preserve and rear the world's finest life,
Caring for a delicate history so as to dedicate it unsullied to the ages;
Holding the brightest candles of the most blessed wife-hood and sanctified maternity;

A Jewel's Passing


So no more shall his traitors hate;
For death's veils have made it late

Appeal Against Time

The malicious winding of your hurried pace
That erases fond memories without a trace
Wastes things that breathe and things mute.
Pitiless Time - you are such a ruthless brute!

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