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Are you the Aphrodite of the Greek tales
Or the Artemis who admirers drooling sent?
No, for Aphrodite had her little flaws
And Artemis the fortunes of Orion bent.

Handsomer men of better height wonder
Where the secret of my irresistible charm lies;
They do not believe it when I enter the pub
And push all the dazzling girls to their highs.

You may rest awhile if the going be tough,
Take a breath when the terrain is rough;
Let the oars get some respite
And rower fresh viands bite.

I cherish the pride of hard toil,
The very solitude in which it's done;
I love to stay away from crafty rest,
With glum zeal as the fort and gun!

I should have said this on that sad 9th of December,
The year 2009 when your breath forsook the corporeal,
And went to repose among the gleefully dancing stars;
And Delay to say this deals my soul an incurable beal.

The Mutaitho hill zigzags its way to the borderlines of the sky
And to the opposite poses the historic Muilu hill once a shrine;
Now there between slithers the Kimongo River where huge rocks lie;
It’s on the banks of this river where the bachelor beekeeper lives.

Writhing out of an empty tummy
I jump out of bed to journey,
Inspired by the tic-tac of the clock
That starts to fade as I walk.

Mama to the world and a great wife,
Inclined to preserve and rear the world's finest life,
Caring for a delicate history so as to dedicate it unsullied to the ages;
Holding the brightest candles of the most blessed wife-hood and sanctified maternity;


So no more shall his traitors hate;
For death's veils have made it late

The malicious winding of your hurried pace
That erases fond memories without a trace
Wastes things that breathe and things mute.
Pitiless Time - you are such a ruthless brute!

Your taciturn mouth clamp shut
Against Man's clamorous guise;
Traitors who clandestinely hurt
With sure sweet-garnished vice.

I feel a nauseating revulsion to see scraps of prose
Bundled together in a neatened pile in the name of poetry,
And prizes being awarded for such otiose verbiage
And praises being heaped for such boring coquetry.

There seems to be an absolute ideal long lost by inscient Man;
A quenchless debt that ceaselessly steers all his fate-bound scions,
An insatiate debit yet unmet by each history's ill-cornered clan -
Often wholly unpaid, seldom a sliver settled by parodied minions.

Africa has had a four-year dance
Upon the pedestal of fame;
That little boy with a funny name,
Barack Hussein Obama the darling of chance
Has brought glory to a derided soil.

A sharp wave of breeze
Pierces through the dust-laden louvers;
On my face I feel blood begin to freeze,
Over it a cloud of pain lazily hovers.

Walk with apt strides down those tricky stairs
And keep your eyes a few steps ahead of you,
Wave at friends without forgetting your legs;
On mightier thoughts stay focused and true.


One misty morning Grace came to my little house,
The drizzling clouds had soaked her purple blouse
And her rounded eyes sparkled with rain and lust;
I kissed her dewy lips as any savvy gentleman must.

Had I here depths that elsewhere thrive,
Swiftly I'd into your blissful fathoms dive;
And bid old pangs on the loveless shore
Eternal bye as I toe and hair slink below.

Her face is invaded by networked wrinkles
For she gave to the world all her valued best,
Her input to the current world has tired her
And she looks up to the grave for final rest.

So Edward Kamanzola was born on the Christmas Day,
In the year 1943, and it was declared a rare luck;
And Fortune was set to trail his life all the way
To undoubted longevity of fortunate octogenarians.

Hannington Mumo Biography

A weaver of prose and a tinker of rhyme. He believes that even before the foundations of the earth were designed, words still existed. He writes not for the volatile commercial markets, but pens top-notch opuses to quench the insatiable urgings of the Muse.Hannington believes that he's been called to fill the gaping gaps left by the inimitable pens of Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti, Robert Service, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, William Butler Yeats, Rudyard Kipling, Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Coleridge, Christopher Marlow, Milton, Donne, ...This list can never end - and I have already done injustice by omitting a lot of truly gifted old souls.)

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Late Love

Are you the Aphrodite of the Greek tales
Or the Artemis who admirers drooling sent?
No, for Aphrodite had her little flaws
And Artemis the fortunes of Orion bent.

Nor are you the stunning star that the Magi led.
For the over-told story of the Magi is as old as dirt
But your drowsy rounded eyes look so cunning fresh;
The kind of tools that the will men pervert.

The famous Ishtar cannot be your match
For she lured with looks in order to kill;
And Inanna may have tried to rival you a bit
Had she not given in to Dumuzi's antique skill.

And tired of prating about deities, I now must say I love you.
I know that time is so much gone, and so is my chance;
The remote luck I thought I stood some years gone
Must now be as extinct as the Pyrenean Ibex of ancient France.

Nosy bird says you vowed holy nuptials yesteryear,
Iron twines that a luck-loving man must never sever.
Yet can I ever lose you without losing all breath, too?
Do I toy with the time-oiled vice that damns forever?

Hannington Mumo Comments

Darwin Henry Beuning 29 January 2019

Mumo, you are one of the most gifted poets on Poem Hunter. I especial loved his poem Michelle Obama.. I had sent a copy to the White House because I felt Michelle would love it. She loved it, and sent me a signed photo! ! ! I sent it to Mumo. I consider Mumo to be Kenya's Poet Laureate.. I also love his quotations. Mumo, my good friend, it now time for your STAR to arise.

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 28 March 2015

Your poetic achievement in such a young age is truly admiring.Go ahead in life bro.May God shower his greatest blessings on you.

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Hannington Mumo Quotes

Life is for living, not for taking care of for no mortal can guarantee its continuity.

It's scary how some unambitious men choose a life of comfortable waiting for death while manlier swines shake the pillars of the space.

The problem with being a gifted writer in Kenya is that you have many half-schooled editors who have no taste for literary works, and will hence have problems having your works published. I don't write to meet the wizened expectations of a Moi University graduate in Information Science, folks who cannot recall anything worth reading they've ever read. An editor should be a literary enthusiast, if not a writer themselves.

Ignorance, just like genius, is a powerful thing - it can level mountains!

It is naked folly to compete with giants before you have even wrestled squirrels.

The expansiveness of one's fortunes means little to their happiness.The decision to be a happy person is the greatest determination in the life of man here on earth.

The things African editors publish as poetry are commonplace disjointed prosaic sentences that have no poetic distinction. How a self-confessed lifelong metrophobe becomes a poetry editor at some godforsaken publishing house in the city is a miracle possible only in Africa. God have mercy upon our barren literary wombs!

Calling a dog a lion does not give him the mane.

The poet writes not to be lauded but to achieve something that they are not even themselves sure of. Perhaps that is their only reward.

And you can never learn how to swim by watching others do it - you plunge into the waters!

There is always a reason to fear, and there is always a reason not to fear. It's your choice to be optimistic...

Couples need to be thoroughly candid because any affair built on the quicksand of hypocrisy cannot withstand the honest wear of time...

When a teenager dreams, do not take him serious because it is merely the adolescence adrenaline. When a serious 27-year-old dreams, beware because he will definitely realize his dreams...

The occupants of the earth may devise some small foolish lines to distinguish themselves from the others. To the Divine Intelligence, this is some little fuss not worth much of his omnipotent deliberation. It is among the things he laughs at, including the idiocies of insects and some self-destructive aquatic creatures. We are but children of the universe...Expansive as it is!

One outstanding trait of a pessimist is forcing their minds to travel ten years ahead while they do not want their legs to move an inch into the nearest future...

"And may we remember the men who ran the harm's way To save this Great Union from the tyranny's savage sway."

I know great living demands more than this, but for a hassle-free living, you should view everyone as an opportunist and refuse to be taken opportunity of, while always striving to take opportunity of others!

It's a lot better to be poor than ignorant.

The most apt solution for/to your most unnerving problem is a just an extra innovative thought away - no farther than within your head.

The strangely tight relationship between a man of sound learning and his knowledge is of an essentially coital nature; and so it's of no meaning at all if it climaxes not.

People born ordinarily to lead ordinary lives think those born extraordinarily to lead extraordinary lives cursed and lost.

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Hannington Mumo Popularity

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