For The Moment Poem by Pierre Reverdy

For The Moment

Rating: 3.2

Life is simple and gay
The bright sun rings with a quiet sound
The sound of the bells has quieted
This morning the light hits it all
The footlights of my head are lit again
And the room I live in is finally bright

Just one beam is enough
Just one burst of laughter
My joy that shakes the house
Restrains those wanting to die
By the notes of its song

I sing off-key
Ah it's funny
My mouth open to every breeze
Spews mad notes everywhere
That emerge I don't know how
To fly toward other ears

Listen I'm not crazy
I laugh at the bottom of the stairs
Before the wide-open door
In the sunlight scattered
On the wall among green vines
And my arms are held out toward you

It's today I love you

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Gajanan Mishra 10 September 2015

morning hits all, really good one..

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Kinyua Karanja 10 September 2015

And my arms are held out toward you, It's today I love you. i think the persona had always in love but that he or she had to declare it no matter what. I like the poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 September 2015

Among green vines with the mus eof life. Nice work.

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Ramesh T A 10 September 2015

The joy of love after it has started makes the poet say all he feels joyous in the morning before his vine garden house!

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Dave Hayman 10 March 2006

I have a photocopy of a book publication of this particular translation from the original French. It is by Ron Padgett, and is probably the best known if not the only available English translation. Reverdy lived from 1889-1960, and was often called a 'cubist' poet, though he disavowed the label, calling it a 'ridiculous term'. (See Richard L. Admussen's 1969 essay 'Nord-Sud and Cubist Poetry.' It's a shame there's only one of his poems posted. Maybe I'll add more if my habitual laziness abates sometime.

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