Alexa Buttner

For You - Poem by Alexa Buttner

The smile on your face,
Lets me know its right,
You play with my hair,
Through out the night.

Your sister doesn’t like me,
And they all just stare,
But it doesn’t matter to me,
And I don’t really care.

You make me laugh,
You make me smile,
Even though it may,
Take me a while.

I warmed up easily,
And slid into spot,
With you in my heart,
It starts to get hot.

I can feel the trust,
I know that its true,
All I want,
Is to be with you.

We agreed to wait,
But I don’t know,
We might lose interest,
And never show.

I lay my head down,
And give you my trust,
Don’t break my heart,
Unless it is a must.

Put down the books,
And give me a chance,
To give you everything,
I just want to dance.

I stare at the ceiling,
Can’t fall asleep,
While I’m thinking of you,
My heart skips a beat.

Do what your heart tells you,
Say what you mean,
Don’t lie about feelings,
You’re unlike anything I’ve seen.

You’re not just a game,
Or a person for me to play.
I care about you deeply,
And I am not afraid to say.

You’re different from the others,
You treat me with respect,
And really truly I care about that.

I don’t care what they think,
Rumours can spread,
But when I think about it,
I am one step ahead.

I got to you first,
I earned my way in,
Your parents love me,
And now I win.

Love seems like a game,
But it’s all by chance,
To share your feelings,
To get up and dance.

The meaning it’s true,
It’s all up to you,
Please don’t hurt me,
Don’t leave me like an old shoe.

-you know who you are!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 26, 2007

Poem Edited: Monday, January 24, 2011

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