For Your Rays Poem by Mantu Mahakul

For Your Rays

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For Your Rays

Eternity you carry with you while rise,
You rise to obey truth, We see daily.
For getting your rays we grow more,
See, we are tall growing trees in Earth.
We flow basing on wires of love again,
Only one cause, that you know very well.
While you glow with power, we meet,
We meet everyday. Feel our current,
See how every brach is bending in love
Only to touch you and get your rays,
Every leaf carries green pigments.
We carry love for uniting with you
But, fortune goes far, fortune comes,
You are clever, giving rays you go far
We try, try, and try, but we are unable
To hold your hand is not so easy for us
But still we grow and bend and grow,
For you, olny for you and your love,
We promise to touch your rays in heart,
Because, we know your are our father
Yuu are our beloved father of heaven.
We are waiting for you here to touch.
For you we rise, as you rise we wake up.
For your rays only this dawn promises.
We know, you will come sure to touch.

© Mantu Mahakul,03 January 2017. Copyright is protected along with cover photo © Mantu Mahakul,2016.

For Your Rays
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: god,life,light,love and art,nature,spiritual
Gajanan Mishra 03 January 2017

touching the eternity, good write, namaskar

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