Mantu Mahakul Poems

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Final Truth

Moving around world who can know?
Secret is behind in East the rain bow.
Why do seasons change wind does blow?
Who can answer why does sun glow?

Hope Shines

Hope is like water it quenches thirst,
Hope begins from mind and heart.

Hope of human is very vast,

Why Do You Want To Destroy?

Ignorance in life is the key of superstition
For life style there is not at all restriction.
Modern foods to shelter and to also drink,
In all directions pollution impurities do sink.

Trembling Thirst

While a thirsty camel does not get water,
Still manages more for many days better.
Sweeter you feel the thirst after feeling,
Deer in desert in mirage runs in reeling.

Unique We Are

We are children of same father
We are brothers here further.
We are all souls, He is Supreme,
He can create in water the cream.

Dance Of Garden

Once planned to eat cashew nut one warden,
He thought of taking rest in shadow in garden.
Various thoughts came in to his mind more,
He could not control and did run near river shore.

Path Of Knowledge

Action and reaction are the truth of nature,
As per doing we get back as time does nurture.
We are only the cause of our birth affects more,
But being the sieve we say needle has a pore.

Good Night Daddy

Oh dear father you hear
I am in your memory sure
I have worked hard whole day
Now I want to sleep in lap.

All Right

When we open our sprite
Our faith becomes bright
When we fly new kite
Our hopes come quite bright

Hello Winter

Hello winter you have brought Cold,
Cold it is not very sweet pleasant gold.
Old man trembles still remembers God,
In odd too all creatures soon come nod.

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