Path Of Knowledge Poem by Mantu Mahakul

Path Of Knowledge

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Action and reaction are the truth of nature,
As per doing we get back as time does nurture.
We are only the cause of our birth affects more,
But being the sieve we say needle has a pore.
While we get knowledge becomes our mirror,
Knowledge guides us and we go far from terror.

Horror stays away we break bone of ignorance,
Dark days of life go so far we get lovely chance.
Mirror of knowledge reflects our inner ethics,
Following path of God we do not bother of critics.
Faces we see of our own full with love and charm,
We give others with love the same with no harm.

Knowledge is wealth imperishable at all time,
Knowledge is spiritual does not allow for crime.
This we get by virtue as prime of time of action,
Knowledge binds us in brotherhood and affection.
Life does not mean properly, if no knowledge is,
We do not able to feel others in situation and ease.

Tease many each other due to lack of this in them,
Defame them blaming themselves and do bad name.
All fall on us in sudden as burden due to own action,
Fate is built on this but we do not know falling in motion.
God gives knowledge, knowledge tells God's vision,
We luckily walk in his path as spring follows the season.

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Spirituality
Action is followed by a reaction. Action and reaction are although unseen still they are inseparable and truth of nature. Time nurtures us and watches our actions. As per our doing only we get back the fruits. We are only the cause of our birth. Birth affects us more. But we do not know about us or our faults. We do not see of our actions and identify guilty of other person. Being like sieve having many pores still we say needle has a pore. While we get knowledge it becomes mirror for us. As reflection we know many more things. Knowledge guides us and we generally stay away from terror. Horror also stays away and we break the strength of acquired ignorance among us. Due to this darkness of life's days go so far and we get lovely chance to recognize ourselves. Being mirror knowledge truly reflects our inner ethics we have within us. On the basis of knowledge we follow the path of God and we do not bother at all whatever critics say. In this mirror we see our respective faces full with love and charm. The same love and charm we distribute to others with love and do not at all cause harm. At all time knowledge is imperishable wealth. Knowledge is spiritual in nature and this spiritual knowledge does not allow a person to commit crime. As time of prime of our action we get knowledge by virtue only. Knowledge always binds us in brotherhood with affection for each other. If there is no knowledge then life does not express meaning properly. In both situation and ease we do not able to feel others if we do not keep knowledge within us. Due to lack of knowledge in them many tease each other. They defame each other, blame themselves and do bad name. Actually all fall on us as burden due to our own action only. Luck is built as per action, which falling in motion of common living we generally do not know. God gives knowledge and knowledge only tells us the God's vision. After getting this we luckily walk in his path of knowledge as spring follows the path of season. This poem is based on such theme. This is written in Odisha, India and dedicated to the people of the world.
Akhtar Jawad 01 April 2015

A thoughtful poem, it's really wonderful...........................10

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Kelly Kurt 22 March 2015

The wisdom and truth presented in your poem are undeniable. Thank you. May I suggest not trying so hard to rhyme and just speak the words that carry your thoughts. They are the beauty, not the cadence or rhyme. It is impressive that you and others around the world, use the tongue I take for granted, so well as a second or third language. Peace

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Valsa George 25 October 2014

I think here you mean wisdom! It comes from God and it prevents us from falling into danger! It gives the light to see others as our own brethren....! It directs us across the right path! Good poem!

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Mantu Mahakul

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