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Mantu Mahakul takes birth as the youngest son of family in Gandam of Deogarh District of Indian state of Odisha. He keeps interest in writing from his child hood days. He is also interested for higher research. His many research articles are published in world reputed international journals. He is graduated in arts from Sambalpur University and ha ...

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Final Truth

Moving around world who can know?
Secret is behind in East the rain bow.
Why do seasons change wind does blow?
Who can answer why does sun glow?

Thinking on the way we do wonder,
Life sustains and run does thunder.
The perfect answer we do not get
Everything changes here at the rate.

Nothing is permanent temporary all,
Watch all sides far only false does fall
So many ask what is the truth is then,
Is this secret that dances in lap of pen?

Who can separate two sides of paper?
Many times soul resides in body is rapper.
Oh photographers you fail to click soul,
No artist can draw God's creation in mall.

Administrators fail to manage universe
We do not know devotees why do rush.
Why does mind fly with billions of wings?
Here grasshopper in pleasure more sings.

Everywhere wonder it is we wander only,
Inside gathering people still we feel lonely.
Certain and final truth you are God Father,
We surrender near you do teach us further.

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Mantu Mahakul Popularity

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