Forest Fantasy (X-Rated) Poem by T J Morgan

Forest Fantasy (X-Rated)

Rating: 5.0

Was a tawny autumn afternoon,
sun dappling through the red and gold marquee.
Fading warmth of summer past,
and the smell of cosy evenings on the breeze.
As she strolled, she let her mind wander,
happy thoughts, she smiled secretly.
He appeared out of nowhere,
rough hands, pulling her off her feet,
she struggles till she sees the knife,
and is put up against a tree.
She feels the soft rope bind her,
watches as he spreads her feet
and feels the blade gently cut her clothes
they split and fall in a heap.
She stands there naked and exposed,
he blindfolds her with her panties.
She feels the knife edge slowly
toying with her, she can't breathe.
The blade parts her trembling lips,
her nipples harden, treacherously.
She feels herself moisten,
as delicately he traces her tears.
She hears a quiet movement,
as he bends down to his knees,
She gasps as she feels his tongue
tasting her, he's deaf to her pleas.
Humiliated now, blocking it out.
Rope is undone, she is pushed to her knees,
he carries her to an overturned log,
bent right over, exposed to the breeze.
Tied tight again, legs opened wide
put in a position to please.
She feels his hands on her,
he enters her roughly, she grasps the tree.
His hands on her hips
thrusting, till he gets his release.
She feels him withdraw,
again, he uses the knife tip to tease.
She moans, thru pleasure and pain,
can't help herself, relief is sweet.
Then unrestrained, she turns to face him,
smiling, glowing, basked in heat.
And together they walk back to the car
to drive back to normality, on Vanilla Street.

Richard A. Davis SR. 22 May 2005

Brilliantly done Jazzy! ! ! ! ! - and hey, I think I lived on that street? ? ? *chuckles* or maybe I still do? ? ? lol

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Amy Murtagh 18 May 2005

Twisted, shocking with a brilliant twist. I love it.

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