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Ginger Bread Babies, Ginger Bread Pets

And my imagination shapes you
Kneading you to need me
Like I need you so
Mould the clay
Mould the dough

Who are you?
I don’t know
We have never met

But I have faith
I will find you yet
We’ll make ginger bread babies
And ginger bread pets

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, , , 06 December 2004

hello Amy You have a delighful talent. I really love the vibes....... you rock, ..... you wow me. You have power and imagination and brains. The same qualities, i admire in my wife. way to go

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Graham Leese 09 January 2005

Amy, the poetry you submitted to this site showed imense talent, and i hope you are proud of the inspiration and gift you gave. i wait for the day we can all read your poems again. Graham xoxo

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Michael Shepherd 10 February 2005

Hi Amy. Creative writers make you care about people who aren't them anyway, but it doesn't matter...sometimes. Should we all be rallying round this talented poet who wasn't born in any particular year (immortal? recipe?) with or without bagpipes...?

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Brian Routh 01 December 2005

your poems fill me with awe! thankyou.

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Simone Inez Harriman 24 October 2005

Amy I love your work. I look forward to reading you again. Thank you for your words dear poetess.

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James Wright 13 March 2005

It has everything to do with anything.

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Poetry Hound 23 February 2005

I think it's just fine to leave our your birth year. While understand the natural curiousity to know a poet's age, it's ultimately irrelevant. Anyone who writes a poem like 'Paper Crane' is emotionally very mature. That was one of the best poems I've seen on this site, and is one of only a handful that I've downloaded and saved. Good thing I did too, because I see you removed it - why? ?

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Michael Shepherd 23 February 2005

Sorry to be obscure. Just two things: we usually put our year of birth, not just our birthday? And you had written a rather depressed poem. Sometimes it's the actual poet who's writing about themselves, sometimes it's not about them but about someone else. Some young poets seem to be almost suicidal these days. Just hoped that life wasn't that bad for you... michael

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