Forever *for Him*

Rating: 5.0

Forever’s too short for me
It’s not ever going to be
Long enough for me

You’re all I’ve wanted
From day one
And all I’ll need
From day one to day done

You make life go on
And you make me smile
You make me realize
Forever is not long enough

Forever isn’t enough
For me and you
I want it all
I want what I’m due

It’s you and me
Now and then
From here on out
I’m through with them

You’re the reason I’m here
You’re the reason I’m alive
You’re my air and my breath
You’re the purpose of life

Perfect has no meaning
Nothing is what it seems
But you’re as close as I want
And as close as can be

You say I’m perfect
But look in a mirror baby
Cause when I see you
That’s all there is

All I want is to stop
Take a look around
Realize what I’ve got
Take a peek into time
See if forever’s in my line

Greenwolfe 1962 01 April 2008

This is like a love letter. And a very good one too. I'm giving it a ten. GW62

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