An Ally Of Mine Poem by Soumili Karmakar

An Ally Of Mine

Rating: 5.0

The two sparkling eyes, were now explored.
Where mostly I searched for assurance,
And was assured by thine light;
Where I lost my way in the dark,
But was found in the blooming park.
The sweet appraisal was no-where to be hoisted,
The sky was still blue,
The birds were fluttering in a crew.
when I'm searching for a path,
didn't caught your sight, for even a footpath.
Maybe, was unbefitting.
"I lost,
Oh, my mind! " - I shed tears.
Somehow, I managed to retrieve,
By controlling plights.
Pictures of yours,
And epistles of faithful love,
Summoning evermore,
for its recipient.
You were a sweet bosom,
which was never perplexed,
But my confederacy confirmed thine eternal name.
Maybe, myths were all about the believers who believed.
Maybe, you were there,
But not really living there.
Over and over again,
I fell for thine cupid eyes,
where I visualized a world so bright,
In all its sights.
Where just the two of us lived.
Wish, I could freeze time,
And rewind gaspingly!
As a favourite song, we carry on listening to,
Particularly on a rainy day,
When we're deeply fascinated.
Ofcourse, an outlook was requisite,
Just to make you prerequisite.
Who doesn't wishes for happiness?
I wonder,
What if you too felt the same,
in thine terms.
Although, a love between a pair,
Emancipated mine long gazing,
Into flames- as heavenly.
As you were trying to save me,
Just then our era witnessed - a true Ally.
So long striving, for being thine,
So long trying, to find mine.

UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon 14 September 2022

A true ally…nice ode to companionship

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