Alyssa Lynn

Fragments - Poem by Alyssa Lynn

Die my hair, break my heart. Walk over me you won’t get far. I’m so sick of being this shell of a girl. I want a break, I want to fly. I want to stop saying goodbye. I want a new adventure. Cuz I’m so sick of having something right in front of me, but for some reason I can’t explain I’m too blind to open my eyes and see.

So take me, take me far away. Show me the route to go on today. I’m trying, trying just to get into something different, something not me. I’m rebelling against all these used to be parts of me. I’m crawling, crawling away from these fragments of what used to be.

Drive, drive me away. Away with that face, change my mind with that smile. Let’s see how you mix it up. Make me promises you don’t intend to keep, show me things I can hardly believe. I want to be able to trust a stranger I want to look straight in the eyes of danger.

So help me, help me escape this everyday routine I’ve grown oh so familiar of. Choose me; choose me to be the one. Stay, stay with me, good mood bad mood. Trust, trust me if you can. I’m outrunning, outrunning my own shadow a mere few steps ahead. I’m wandering, wandering to a place I can’t seem to find.

Take me out, put a dent in my heart. Make a change, give me fake emotion. I’m sick of the hardness, the hardness you have, the hardness I created. I’m sick of this shield I created to protect myself. This broken shield I’ve grown impatient of the same old thing.

Give me the lyrics, the ones that will change my life. Give me a boy, you know the one that will give me something to learn. Show me that there’s so much more than I can ever imagine. Be the friend I can run to when everyone I know runs from me. Give me hope, even when it’s all I can’t see. Believe in me…

Love me for the girl I am today, and the mess I’ll be next week. Take me as this person, if you can’t save your breath and walk away. I’m done pretending. Show me being afraid isn’t necessary. Give me place I can run to, a place I can use to run away. Give me something I can believe in.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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