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Freestyle/ Leslie's Heart - Poem by Leslie Alexis

Woman: “where’s my engagement ring? ”

Leslie Alexis
“It’s coming.. Btw.. Aren’t we already married? Why you need a ring. Isn’t my love enough? ”

Woman: “It’s enough
I want ppl to know and see our love
and I need a ring to prove dat”

Leslie Alexis
“Ok.. I agree.
Do not despair..
the time is almost here
when your ring in my hand
I bear.

“dats very poetic les♥
I want a bigg DIAMOND

Leslie Alexis
“Love is like a poem
The flow is natural
Sometimes simple
Sometimes complex
But at its best always real

And the ring a metaphor
For love
But its splendor
Does not judge love
For the small can say
I couldn't pay
or it can mean,
You're my queen
and ' I got you! '

The flare and sparkle of the diamonds
Should never outshine
That of the joy in one's eyes
At least not to no wife of mine

Our ring shall be just right
Not too big
And not too small
But, just right
And never would make it outshine
You -My love light.”

its beautiful
if u really meant that I prob wouldve cried bc I’m a cornball”

Leslie Alexis
“ Maybe I did”


“that was reall beautiful
like reallyyy”

“u can’t just go saying beautiful words to a girl les and don’t meant them dats messd upp

Leslie Alexis
“Who judges the honesty of my heart?
Why assume ye that the words said, are not true? ”

“well if they are I am veryyy grateful veryyy”

Leslie Alexis
“Have you heard that which was said about me? ”

“? ? ? what”

Leslie Alexis:

“that my heart is full of love
and yet has grown cold.
for the ladies before thee
were witches that stole my soul
that on the outside, I have happy smiles
but my inside is filled with dreary eyes
and every day my soul cries
for my heart loves
but can love no more.”

“u kno I feel that exact wayy
I do scaryyy dat u took the words outta my mouth”

Leslie Alexis
“Two broken hearts in the cycle of love
Only if we can take the parts and make one heart
That we could share, beating the same beat
Swaying to the same songs, loving each other…
All day long

That would be in a perfect world
I could be yours and you my girl
But we have our wars and refuge too
so how do I say it... I can't love you.

Or no other, not at this time
It would be murder... the worst-est crime
Keep your heart, forever to hold
Pray mine heals, and turns back to gold.

Then we might have a chance
Forever to sway in our lover's dance.”

“: ((Dude u should minor in creative writing and take a lot of poetry classes mmhmm ur lovelyyy”

Leslie Alexis
“lol... someday.. in a perfect world”

Woman: “well I hope we get to sway in our lover; s dance one day
until then gnite Leslie”

Leslie Alexis
“gnite lady”

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

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