Friends Go And New Come Poem by Ala elouri

Friends Go And New Come

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Days go by...
Slowly and when it goes slowly,
You start to remember your friends and those good days
The days you guys shared every tear and every laughter
They were great friends, loyal and kind friends
Then new friends come instead of their old existence.
Even if new people come, you'd never forget the friends
That were close to your broken heart.
You then just ask yourself one single question.
Why do friends go and new come?
Why cant they just be there for you just like they used to?
I guess its just that friends cant stay til the end
Even if they're steps or miles away.
They cant even say hello.

Seema Gupta 21 December 2009

hi, these words of yours hav forced me to recall my memories....and freinds who are far from me.....emotional touch.. regards

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****Hanaring Tamara.. 26 October 2009

a good start to write..asking and wondering..well said

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Lynn Glover 10 October 2009

An outstanding job for a new poet. Keep working, the ones you write about are not true friends. Please read my 'A Friend', I wrote this about my friend. Keep writing, you will emprove with each poem. God Bless, Your Friend, Lynn

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Mohammed Hassan 10 October 2009

yes people go and others come that is the rules of life but friends never abandon you and if they do they are not friends you should choose the right one to be your friend great work

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