You Had To Go... Poem by Ala elouri

You Had To Go...

You had to go..
You said that our love doesnt work this way..
You said we shouldnt talk..
But you said we can only wave..
You told me that its hard to love right now..
It doesnt feel right..I got you..
But i didnt get why you let me go...
You let me go like a bird who has got enough lessons learning how to fly..
You let me go...And I didnt cry..Cuz I knew, I will wait for you till the future and till the end of my life..3
Its hard to let you go like how you let me go..I love you.
.I dont think it doesnt feel rite..I feel good..I know god gave me a heart for a reason..I know god made me a mind to think what is wrong and what is right..I wont do wrong..You should trust me..yet, Its okay..I know its better this way..For me and you..I will wait for you..Until the day comes..You take my hand..And say finally we can talk..Here is the future that you called it in the past..I will wait..Wait for you...To make your mind...and hold your feelings you have in that keen heart...

Saying goodbye hurts...And the words...When are you gonna come back to my life...Cuts me like a silver, sharp knife..Although, Its better than losing you for ever....I love you..I know my love is true...My love is meant to be...So, Don't think i don't feel the same way..Don't think that i don't want you to stay..I do..But you said: you had to let me go....So I will wait...Until i will love you more and more...And finally hear you speak..And finally, talk to you...I know it's years away..But I could wait for years...3 You are my true love...and I will never regret loving someone like you..Goodbye, yet you shall come back later to take me...3

Ala Elouri 23 June 2010

Sara, Thanks dear for the comment.Yet, When I have any feeling of sorrow i go and write it down..I'm the type who isnt a multitasker who can add metaphors and similes w.sorrow poetry.. I cant do more than one..If I wanna express about sorrow, happiness, joy..It has to come from my heart...If you read more of my poems..I have used metaphors and imagery...In many..See The poem: Excuse me, I'm Human..And further more..<3 Really i thank you from all my heart..&& I hope that i continue my poetry and take your advice...Surely i will..I'm Still In 8 grade...<3 && I will try my best..Thanks again, dear..

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Sara Tehrani 23 June 2010

I feel so much pain in your poetry. I think its very expressive, however to draw the reader further more I recommend you try adding imagery, metaphors and similes in to paint a more imaginative and creative feeling. :)

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Ala elouri

Ala elouri

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