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Life is hard, Life has rules
We follow them in order not to lose
We try hard until we fall
We fall hard and say we didn't lose

Days go by...
Slowly and when it goes slowly,
You start to remember your friends and those good days
The days you guys shared every tear and every laughter

These days arent like those old days
That were shinning in ur face
These days are full of sorrow and pain
People live for themselves and dont care for the days

I want to succeed i dont want to lose
I have a fear that i will lose
I close my eyes and I feel that im going to cry
Because i know there's an enemy in disguise

You had to go..
You said that our love doesnt work this way..
You said we shouldnt talk..
But you said we can only wave..

The day you walked in my life..
The world had smiled in my face....
The time I met you and the time I asked for your name.
.It made my heart pace..<3

You will love after me.
You will find many other girls.
But please take my word.
I promise you will be back.

Excuse me, I'm human as you can see
Me in front of you and you screaming at me
I have feelings, you know, you and I are human and are not species.
I feel like I'm trash by the way, you're looking at me

Stay closer don’t go you… cause every moment I miss u…..
I think of you and need you.You don’t know how I
Feel about u..its a feeling I never felt but I know
That I live for a reason, I live for you and I love

Last Night, I was sitting alone and thinking of you..<3

I was closing my eyes and holding myself tight remembering the moments we had been through me and You...<3


She'll never love you the way I do.

I just feel happy to be with you.

As I go down to the ground, I pray to god our love will never drown.

I am sitting here alone.
Thinking of you.
And how things ended out to be.
ONE Side of my face shed down a tear,


I know it's crazy to love someone like you, that has a hard heart and closed-mind.

I know if another girl was in my place, she wouldn't handle the pain.

Don't deny my love to you.

Don't go far and leave me to pain.

They're out watching games, laughing and making fun of some things and playing with their hair.

They are giggling and they are happy.

I'm sad.

Tell me who is willing to make me happy?

Ala elouri Biography

I am a normal teen<3 Living in this world<3 Although many things in my life made me want to write and express my feelings<3 I am a muslim and yes indeed I am proud<3 I was born in california and lived there half of my life<3 I like to sing, dance, write, and write articles as much as poetry<3 I am loved in my school<3 I am loved by many.Thanks God. I live in Amman, jORDan I moved here 4 years ago<3)

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Life's Rules

Life is hard, Life has rules
We follow them in order not to lose
We try hard until we fall
We fall hard and say we didn't lose
We fight back until we win
We understand then life has rules
And if you follow them you will never lose.

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Saif Ali 14 June 2012

wow its realy amazing poems :)

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Mohammed Tamimie 23 June 2010

your poems is sooooooooooooooooooo niceeeee

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p.a. noushad 30 October 2009

your poems touching my soul deeply

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