From Darkness To Light Poem by Hannah Diane Williams

From Darkness To Light

As I wake to another dark morning,
I wonder why I hurt this much.
'Where is God in all this? '
I wonder...
He said He'd be here.
And I can't seem to find Him.
I see only right now
And it makes me think the only solution
Is self-inflicted.
How this demon got a hold of me,
I don't know.
What I do know
Is I'm addicted
And I can't stop.
One day,
I feel God tug at my heart.
I ask Him to forgive me
For what I did to myself.
And tell Him I can't stop on my own.
I read His word...
It says
'I can do all things through Him.'
And that He heals all wounds.
Suddenly, I awake to a foggy morning...
It's better than the dark,
But it's still hard to see.
I want to feel the sunshine
Beat down on my head.
So, I move forward,
Never stopping,
Always walking
Towards the brighter light.
But what if it doesn't get better than this?
What if this is my only chance to live for Him...
To be a bright light to someone's darkness?
I realize He'll clear up this foggy mist.
And I should always be joyful
Because God loves me so much
And He always forgives
No matter what the mistake.
And His love is so much
He doesn't care where I've been
Or what I've done.
His Son's blood covers
All my sins.
So, I don't have to punish myself.
By His blood,
I am made pure,
Whiter than snow.
Dwelling on my sins
Won't get me anywhere
Once He's forgiven me,
He forgets my mistake.
That doesn't mean He won't punish me
For what I did,
But that He's always there
And will never bring up that mistake again.

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