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From The Journal Of A Polish Immigrant,1901

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We travled here when I was five.
Now I am ait, or so mum tells me.

I never thught this woud be a problem,
But mum tells me she doesnt know
How long the mouneys gonna last;
Never thought a paper dyed green woud hurt
Like an gang in the night:
It only helps if there on your side.

So they send me to the faktory from
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Sophia White 21 March 2007

Hey, that's a really swell poem, there, Mr. Bandwagoner. I think the best part is the end, the quote and the nod. It's so simple and childlike. A very good poem. It ventures into the uncomfortable areas people don't like to think about, and with the perspective of a child, it makes it so real and tangible. Beautiful, and beautifully poignant. -Sophia

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Landrey 21 March 2007

very very very good. I like the spelling and grammar 'mistakes', they make it so much more real. It wasn't too gruesome, it probably happened all the time. I especially love the occasional stark rhyme. it fits so well and ties the poem together. very good use of bitter humor too, helps visualize and make it come alive. awesome. -landrey

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Jonzo Bandwagoner 20 March 2007

All right, sorry if this poem comes across a bit too gruesome! I felt inspired after hearing stories in Dr. J's class about the day-to-day lifestyles of poor immigrants. It is, in a certain way, a poem spin-off of the book, 'The Jungle.'

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