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Known to only be poetic during the night hours, this creature is found in the muggy hills of NE Georgia and is considered an endangering species.

Landrey Poems

A Someone

O’er the crest of the hill
Came hence a cry so shrill,
That with darting eyes
I searched the skies

She Walks In Silence

1. She walks in silence, like the pond
of glass-like top and hidden angst;
And all that's true and false will bond-
will join with joy and pain and thanks:

Elevate [lyrical]

I’m not stuck between a rock and a hard place
I’m in a pit, a pit from which you can’t see God’s face
There’s no getting out on my own, I’m stuck here forever
I tried climbing the sides but I fall right back in.

Frozen In Time

The Man on his Bus and Me in my Car
He looks down at me, we're Frozen in Time.
I look down at him, not in the same way.
It's true I feel sorry seeing the dude,

A World Yet Saved

When | you look at me...'s what I see:

a world without hate,

Landrey Comments

Kathryn Tyler King 17 August 2007

I enjoy your poems..I'm new here at poem hunter..I have been writing poems for years. God Bless

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