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Words never do justice to a man. I must, then, describe myself in two colors:
Light Green, Dark Blue.

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The Ballad Of Sparta

Men of old in shining armor,
Brand their swords and ride like thunder,
Cities quake; behold their tremor!
Xerxes turns toward Greece.

(i.E. A Sudden, Stark Outburst)

(composed while flying out of Berlin)

dim street colors
like brown barley rooftops

Wanderers In A Dream

O afar, beneath this gray coloured day,
Hangs a ribbon of darkness, shadowed fiend,
Despite the attempts, I admittedly say,
All reproves seem endless.

I Need A Dictionary

Captivated, Elongated, Mitigated:
You're a lot of looming words,
I wish I understood.

Ms. Homecoming Queen

Homecoming queen,
You and me in a dream,
Make-believe, so it seems,
I'm lost in between.

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Landrey 21 February 2007

Jonzo is the kind of guy who looks up the word 'thesaurus' in a thesaurus. And that is pretty dang cool.

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