Full Moon Bright Werewolve's Delight Poem by Daniel Hooks

Full Moon Bright Werewolve's Delight

Rating: 5.0

It's a full moon tonight
your clothes begin to feel tight
your heart beats faster
you feel like your headache's becoming a disaster
bones start to stretch and lengthen
muscles expand and strengthen
hairs stand on end
and begin to grow
then you begin to know something's amiss
as you start on the first stages of metamorphosis
avarice and animal passions begin to take hold
your body begins to mould
into animal form and you begin to growl
a lustful howl
and roar a beastly roar
your clothes tear and rip
you drip with sweat
and forget your human ways
and become a beastly silhouette or shadow of your former self
your hands become paws
you fall onto all fours
your nose becomes a snout
a tail bursts from your lower back and begins to waggle
teeth become sharp
and canine as your clothes tear at the seams
animal body exposed
composed of human and wolf and well disposed
To hunt and prey on all who get in your way!

Friday, January 26, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: full moon,transformation
Konjit Berhane 27 January 2007

well i never felt that way Daniel and hope no one will...too for who knows who will be on the way..... cool poem though...vivid and well expressed keep it up koni

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