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In the world of Saints

The poor
The homeless
The mother
The father

Born crying
Die smiling
For it is a change

At this time at this moment you are reading this
Some one somewhere is infected by HIV virus

At this time at this moment you were done with the two lines

Mr. Peter & my sister

This poem goes out to Mr. Peter
Who is a friend of my sister

‘m a weirdo
And pseudo
As if ‘m living my primo
Waiting for my secendo

How long is a second
If you are lost in the sea
And you see no land

Dedicated to our dog FoFi
Who died on long ago may his soul RIP

I cried and cried

If roses were with out thorns
Man would have been with out tears
If roses were only yellow
Life would have been shallow

Please spare me your secrets
I am not your best friend
(atleast not yet! !)
‘N I am sorry to break this to you

Trying hard to live having small to give
Is it life?

Don’t know how far to go

Precious life, hers never seemed
Working from dusk till down
For anyone who inquires, with vim
She does every thing and anything in return for nothing

After his death…
Whose death?
The cyclist’s

The planet is a garden
We the people are the plants
God is the gardener
And he didn't want to have one-colored flowers

The liar
With great desire
To have a hair
That resembles mine

If loving him was a crime?
I wonder why she’s spending her time
May be by a cruel judge she is sentenced
Or she made it her lifetime creed

I might fall once …twice
Or even more
‘N you will show me your wicked smile
That I don’t adore

Bored and unemployed in my


The rich wind with golden dust
Has been going wild and fast
As if it has a life that’ll forever last

On the surrounding of the cemetery on our neighborhood
Just to count the sitting old men I once stood
Each and every one of them is above sixty
Who used to love to take a walk in the city

Konjit Berhane Biography

Koni_bee@yahoo.com I write for all the reasons in the planet…and I know I suck Lots of things I lack But someday I hope to write the best On that for trillions and Zillions u can bet If you can have that much …lol)

The Best Poem Of Konjit Berhane

A Woman

In the world of Saints
I would have been an Angel.
In the world of Peace
I would have been a Dove.
In the world of Passion
I would have been Love.
In the world of a Prayer
I would have been Praise.
In the world of Science
I would have been a Fact.
In the world of Wars
I would have been a Bullet.
In the world of Technology
I would have been Speed.
In the world of Agriculture
I would have been a Seed.
In the world of Manners
I would have been Politeness.
In the world of Fear.
I would have been Courage.
In the world of Sorrow
I would have been Sympathy.
In the world of Hate
I would have been Melancholy.
In the world of Freedom
I would have been Sovereignty.
In the world of Opportunity
I would have been a Way.
In the world of Solitude
I would have been a Friend to Lean.
In the world of Fashion
I would have been Style.
In the world of Medicine
I would have been a pill.
In the world of Suffering
I would have been an Aid.
In the world of Unexpectation
I would have been Surprise.
In the world of Warship
I would have been Faith.
In the world of Righteousness
I would have been Truth.
In the world of Happiness
I would have been Comfort ‘n Delight.
In the world of Labor
I would have been Tireless.
In the world of Water
I would have been a Fish.
In the world of Land
I would have been a Plant.
In the world of Fortune
I would have been Treasure.
In the world of Education
I would have been a Teacher.
In the world of Seasons
I would have been Spring
In the world of Achievements
I would have been Ideas
In the world of Circus
I would have been Magic.
In the world of Secrets
I would have been a Mystery.
In the world of Ambition
I would have been Dreams.
In the world of Questions
I would have been an Answer.
In the world of Slavery
I would have been liberty.
In the world of recollection
I would have been Sweet Memories
In the world of Theatre
I would have been Comedy.
In the world of Music
I would have been Melody.
In the world of Sorrow
I would have been a Smile.
In the world of the Blind
I would have been an Eye.
In the world of the Deaf
I would have been an Ear.
In the world of Flowers,
I would have been a Rose.

But …
In this world of Mine
Which contains The above ALL
They call me a Being with a Soul.
Generally I am a Species of Human.
Specifically I am a Woman.
YeA a WoMaN.
‘N A Special OnE.

13 November,05

Konjit Berhane Comments

Anthony Carr 18 July 2005

I enjoy her poems for their sincerity and warmth She is a poet !

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

i love your poems, they are true to the spirit of the age.

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Hey girl, you are a great writer who has a great tallent with poetry.

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Joseph Daly 30 December 2005

Konjit's work is a wonderful celebration of life. Her optimism, sometimes in the face of real adversity, shines through. Her use of English supercedes the simplistic and presents us with deeply heartfelt portrayals of life.

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Charley60 K 25 November 2005

Yes, Ms. Berhane, I just read some of your writings and I do thank you for your comment about mine. I checked the ones I found truly interesting and worded. Writing is therapy for me and is also a way to clear all the vaults of my memories... Keep writing you ahave a heart for it........... But you know all writings are a gift because they are from the soul of the writer.... See yah round, okay.....keep writing.

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Nagamuthu Osho 14 October 2005

Respected Poet, The serene words of the Poet, flows very simple of ripple. But the bud of 'Roses ' her poem, delights me with stumble of subtle happiness. A Poet of simple, to solace the poetic realms. God Bless you, Thanking you, Yours cordially, N.Karthikeyan Osho

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