Gemstones Poem by Joey Christian


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I walk along the sea shore,
feel the sand between my toes,
search for coloured treasures,
I call them jewels, you know.

Each bauble will mean something
so must be studied carefully,
turned around and felt for flaws;
this one’s a red ruby…

I could swear this is an emerald,
although perhaps a little small.
It holds a binding memory,
of mother’s last May Ball.

I spot what looks like amber,
glinting bright in pure sunlight,
I search for other pieces,
but this one looks just right.

Then I spy a sapphire,
with its certain hue;
a gleaming rock of promise -
reminds me so of you.

At last I find a diamond,
sparkling in the light,
I put my haul together,
and hold them ever tight.

The echoes that they hold for me
ring ever in my ears.
I try my best to raise a smile,
but can’t hold back my tears.

Now homeward bound I’m heading,
the wind blows in my hair,
sea sings a haunting love song
to remind me I was there.

I’ll sit now with my daughter,
share my secrets one by one;
with each fine piece my story,
so the memories carry on…

Yekaterina Bezpalaya 30 May 2007

I don't think that I can possibly convey to you how captivated I was by this poem. You just took my mind by storm with this. I am utterly speechless....blown away! This truly and really is a mind-blowing poem. With great sincerity, Yekaterina Bezpalaya

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Madly In Love 26 March 2007

Beautiful Joey i loved it

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Patricia Gale 18 January 2007

What a splendid time, memories are so wonderful to share. Thank you for this

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Joey Christian

Joey Christian

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