Genders Galore That's What Life Is Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

Genders Galore That's What Life Is

Have you heard the latest on these
Multiple genders asked the truth vendor
I asked what that is, curious what this
Unknowing person was going to say about me.
For as a woman I had been cast in the
jelly mold that always had me shaking,
Before I set, especially when a man asks
Me a question at sunset.

Have you heard of pan-gender the truth
Vendor asked. Is that one a gender we
Fry in a pan? I just bought one of those
Non stick pans you bake in. When will we
bake that one? Oh!

You surely have heard of trans-gender?
I have and know we transplant just
About everything we want to grow.
I honestly answered as my ignorance got
The better part of me. Oh!

Have you heard of a-gendered-third sex?
Wait a minute, I am still dealing with
The gendered-second sex being a woman
For I learned that I had to speak up
And fight for womanhood lest the men
Get high salaries and my children starve.

You are too gender fluid, the truth vendor
Told me as he gave up on me and told me
To read sociology and know that these
Are the truths that are not being
Made up but written in our veins by the
Masters of truth for not to know them
Is to violate the rights of humans
For for they live under them.

He advised me to go and train to become
A gender lawyer so that I can get to
be hired by these folks who are still
Being written into the constitution
For their rights are just as important.

I was saddened because I had just
Gone over a study of copyright law
Hoping to catch anyone who does
Not acknowledge I am a gendered
Species that does not like hackers.

To add another kind of law was
Not a mother of two could do lest
I live my life on a court bench forever
Defending the naming of life,
Both public and private.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: gender,life,transgender
I credit this poem to ideas by Paul Kengor I read in the November 2016 issue of Newsmax. I felt we needed poetry to explore the truths we live. It is one extension of a message about gender. The article said there are thirty one genders. It was entitled He Said: She Said: Gotham Recognizes 31 Genders.
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