Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,495 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Ghastly War Could Only Win - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Ghastly war could only win; countless screams of all those haplessly orphaned children; who hopelesslystared into the desolately maiming open spaces of hell; with the blood soaked bodies of their parents upon their innocuous shoulders,

Treacherous war could only win; countless curses of all those brutally lambasted mothers; who indiscriminately lost their exuberant young sons; to the arrow of carnivorously unforgivable malice,

Sadistic war could only win; countless nightmares of all those inexplicably shivering on the heartlessly obdurate ground; barbarously naked and without the tiniest leaf of humanity to engulf their wailing bones,

Inconsolable war could only win; countless slaps of all those relentlessly searching for their inseparably lost ones; whose even the most infinitesimal whisker wasn't to be found; under the most tenaciously blazing of sunlight,

Cold-blooded war could only win; countless abuses of all those rendered devastatingly homeless; who now had no other option than to perennially reside upon
graveyards of horrendously charred ash,

Parasitic war could only win; countless tears of all those still uncontrollably oozing priceless blood; even infinite hours after the Sun had celestially set,

Wanton war could only win; countless agonies of all those who were left to salaciously crawl on a single hand and foot for the remainder of their lives;
indefinably mutilated by the cannibalistic swords of dastardly abhorrence,

Hedonistic war could only win; countless impotencies of all those who were left without their sacrosanct beloved's; and in whom the desire to further procreate
had inevitably died like the last brick of the deadened coffin,

Unsparing war could only win; countless infidelities of all those who'd completely lost faith in every fraternity of living kind; gorily witnessing their loved ones being acrimoniously pulverized like insouciantly deplorable matchsticks,

Satanic war could only win; countless vindications of all those inimitably new born infants; who'd unfortunately seen their mother being ruthlessly slained; felt her blood-soaked skull instead of amiably suckling her breast,

Prejudiced war could only win; countless frustrations of all those whose most gloriously unfettered and victorious future; had now been forever burnt into
flames of inanely decrepit meaninglessness,
Licentious war could only win; countless dumbness of all those perpetually stunned by the impact of the intransigent heartlessness; all those whose voice forever refrained to waft out of their throats; as they saw their own brothers and children being buried alive; right infront of their eyes,

Disastrous war could only win; countless diseases of all those whose every iota of flesh had been tawdrily ripped apart; to remorsefully reveal their profusely pus laden bones,

Imbecile war could only win; countless insecurities of all those who'd lost every ounce of their physical and emotional possession in vibrant life; for whom every
trembling footstep forward; seemed to be like the most massacring valley of death,

Diabolical war could only win; countless blood-drops of all those who lay miserably unattended and inconsolably wounded; for whom there seemed nothing else but a mortuary of despondently never-ending darkness; infront of even the most
ethereal of their senses,

Heinous war could only win; countless sarcasms of all those who were neither a part of it; or all those who never lost any of their loved ones to its tyrannical swirl; but whose tongues still developed a flagrant flavor simply listening to all
delirious atrocities going around,

Deteriorating war could only win; countless idiosyncrasies of all those who were mentally tortured by its whiplashes of apathetic ferociousness; for whom every instant of life had now metamorphosed into the gutters of worthless insanity,

Unceremonious war could only win; countless living-deaths of all those still existing just for the sake of inhaling and exhaling out air; but for whom the entire Universe was nothing but an ominous skeleton of unrelentingly stabbing blackness,

And cowardly war could only win; countless betrayals of all those who once upon a time immortally loved; but now whose every beat had wholesomely metamorphosed
into slandering sinfulness; tirelessly witnessing blood and malice as the only signatures of blessed life.

Topic(s) of this poem: warfare

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