Give All To Love Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Give All To Love

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Give all to love;
Obey thy heart;
Friends, kindred, days,
Estate, good-fame,
Plans, credit, and the Muse,-
Nothing refuse.
'Tis a brave master;
Let it have scope:
Follow it utterly,
Hope beyond hope:
High and more high
It dives into noon,
With wing unspent,
Untold intent;
But it is a god,
Knows its own path,
And the outlets of the sky.
It was not for the mean;
It requireth courage stout,
Souls above doubt,
Valor unbending;
It will reward,-
They shall return
More than they were,
And ever ascending.
Leave all for love;
Yet, hear me, yet,
One word more thy heart behoved,
One pulse more of firm endeavor,-
Keep thee today,
To-morrow, forever,
Free as an Arab
Of thy beloved.
Cling with life to the maid;
But when the surprise,
First vague shadow of surmise
Flits across her bosom young
Of a joy apart from thee,
Free be she, fancy-free;
Nor thou detain her vesture's hem,
Nor the palest rose she flung
From her summer diadem.

Adam Reed 26 February 2010

i wonder if trying to decipher poems or trying to make yourself seem important makes any of you feel good about yourselves....why u gotta try to make a poem more than it is? just enjoy it

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Kevin Straw 26 February 2010

There is confusion here between love and the heart. Love is in the heart, but the heart is not love. We can follow our hearts in many ways which do not require love – “good-fame, plans, credit.” Emerson makes an extremely important point about love – that each lover should serve the development of the other, even when that development means the end of love.

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Alicia Phillips 26 February 2009

i think its very very beautiful and nice

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Jess Osborne 26 February 2008

This poem, although primarily about love, echoes Emerson's ideals about how one should live one's life. Emerson believed in self-reliance, that one must cast off the chains of the norms of contemporary society and follow one's heart or instinct.

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Terence George Craddock 26 February 2010

And its All For Love, interesting that no one comments on 'Free as an Arab Of thy beloved.' or analyzes line meanings, ok I won't either. But as it's give all to love, I will leave a token, the start of 'Song Of My Love' 'As the rains come and the winds blow so the days go and the years flow. The crash of waves the thundering skies so my love goes on that never dies...'

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Kristine 27 February 2022

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 January 2022

A powerful and meaningful poem.

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Cheryl 13 February 2019

Where's the ending? That's the best part of the poem, but it's missing here. :)

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Faith thomas 03 June 2018

Nice done kkkkkkkk

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casey 19 February 2018

The last stanza of the poem is missing.

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