Gladness Poem by DICKSON MSETI


Rating: 4.8

A person I wanted to be,
A person I have never been,
A person created by thee,
And for Thee she should be,

For the moment I've been happy,
as I saw a forest rising from the desert,
digging the holes of my houses,
from the gheto I've grown,

From the time I was young,
Refused by friends as of my dirtness,
roaming around like a street dog,
today I stand to select them,

Sorrounded by friends reminds me of something,
The time I smelt like a rotten wound,
when I have friends also called flies,
kissing and touching my lips,

Invitation cards takes me far,
to the bottom of a dump site,
with different cards and cakes,
sharing with my friends called Insects,

Am glad I was alive and stable,
having a rest over the tree shadow,
Someone may come and take my shadow,
am glad that I enjoyed it all,

till this moment of fun,
wondering with my imaginative world,
the world exist in my only mind,
and the government is about to come,

to take my remainings away,
my friends will cry for me,
as am heading to my real home,
waiting for you to come,

the home where no one is greater,
same clothes, same home, same bedroom,
and we will be together friend,
Am glad I was a human and mate you.

Pranab K Chakraborty 28 August 2011

THE HOME WHERE NO ONE IS GREATER SAME THE CLOTHES, SAME HOME, SAME BEDROOM AND WE WILL BE TOGETHER FRIEND AM GLAD I WAS A HUMAN AND MET YOU.... The manifesto of running generation should be so for the Global-village today. And the poet should be honoured for composing such universal slogan for the human society....Thank you very much. Write long... Regards, pranab 10+

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Riley Hefron 25 August 2011

Not bad at all, really like your style of writing, the way you tell a story, and the fluent creativity in your expression. Particularly, the way you dont always rhyme each sentence, gives the poem some clarity; on that, where you could've improved would've to include some structure and/or beat to the poem, by either rhyming, or by following a rhythmic pattern. Otherwise, great effort.

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Zainab Zaheen 25 August 2011

i love the way you have written it. you title says it all. I love this line below the home where no one is greater, same clothes, same home, same bedroom, and we will be together friend, If you have time please comment and rate my poems (one voice, the world we live in, soul mate) . I would really appreciate it.

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