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Why don't we all take a hard look at the world we live in.
Why is it that we have all the hate not love,
Why is there all ways room for war, not peace?
Why is it that no one ever thinks about the consequences of their actions?

How can there be one soul who can make our life so much better
Exactly how can this spectacular mortal be the perfect one?
The time I have devoted looking & searching, has paid out
Because I am no longer alone & left out there in the cold.


Being united is what we all should be thinking about.
We are all one, we are all equals
when the time comes we must answer
why weren't we there for each other?


Fueled with anger
riddled with pain
why do things always have to be this way
hard as it is,


why does it hurt so bad when
your with someone else
what is it called?
is it love or is it something else

Is this how the New Year is going to be?
Now we live in a world
where we don't know when will disaster strikes us.
With new technology


Its something we can't live without
even if we tried.
we find it in every nook & cranny.
love is just a word, but when put together with feelings,

There she goes a woman with confidence and grace
She blows your mind away.
Here voice so loud and strong, so everyone can hear
No one can stop her once her mind is set

We never know what is going on half way across the world
We are all at the comfort of our own homes,
While half way across the world children are put to work
People are without homes & food.

One voice is all it takes to make a difference
One voice is all it takes to change the world.
That one voice can make millions follow.
Anyone can bring you down, but no one can take the power of your voice away.

Everyone says we learn from our mistakes,
but why do we get judged for the mistakes we make.
why is that the world is so unfair,
everyone goes on thinking about them selves.

why does every thing have to be one sided
is it me that looks at things this way..
why is it that i put in all the effort.
why cant you meet me half way..

why is it that i am the one to sacrifice
why cant you.
why is it that when i get hurt
you don't seem to notice

From the moment i met you i felt complete,
you were like the last missing piece of the puzzle.
Then you started to grow on me & you made me feel important, like i was the only one that existed in your life.
There were so many signs that showed me that you loved me,

I thought this was a new year for change,
Is it me, am i the one to blame.
I cant understand why, when i try to pick my self up, life knocks me down.
Ive tried to get up but its no use, im pinned down.

You are the people who struggle to feed, clothe & educate me
You are the only ones that will push me when feel like giving up
You sacrifice your time, sleep and your enjoyment so I could have mine.
I know no one will ever love me so unconditionally

You became my heartbeat
every step i took you became my life.
your everything i live for, i am glad your mine.
Ive never been happier, ever since i you met everything's perfect.

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I come from a family of musicians, artist, designers, jewelry makers, make up artists, fashion designers and the list goes on. I am so proud to belong to such a vast line of creative people. And i am so proud to be one of them. I am currently doing Interior designing and i love writing poems during my spare time. To me poems are about expressing ones self without having to explain. I write poems about love about feelings, well basically anything that inspires me at that point of time. I want my poems to move and inspire people to make a difference in the world. I hope i achieve it because our world needs to change soon.I also have a blog in which i post my poems http: //

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The World We Live In

Why don't we all take a hard look at the world we live in.
Why is it that we have all the hate not love,
Why is there all ways room for war, not peace?
Why is it that no one ever thinks about the consequences of their actions?
Is this what it has come to?

Why don't we all take time to think about each other?
We are surrounded by so much beauty but no one takes the time to appreciate it.
We are all so busy with our lives, too busy to even notice
as life passes by,
Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years.
yet there is no difference in the world.

Why is our world filled with corruption, destruction, poverty and many other endless things.
It makes me wonder, have we all given up?
Haven't we learnt a lesson yet?

The world that we live in, is it too late to change it?
Or are we so far gone, that change has just become a mirage.
let us all have some hope and pray for peace
and may god bless our soul,
Because the world we live in isn't going to last much longer.

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Wahab Abdul 30 September 2012

you are a great poetess, i love your poetry.

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Samir Das 25 August 2011

superb... the poem shows your emotional depth with the height of realistic vision.

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