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I come from a family of musicians, artist, designers, jewelry makers, make up artists, fashion designers and the list goes on. I am so proud to belong to such a vast line of creative people. And i am so proud to be one of them. I am currently doing Interior designing and i love writing poems during my spare time. To me poems are about expressing on ...

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The World We Live In

Why don’t we all take a hard look at the world we live in.
Why is it that we have all the hate not love,
Why is there all ways room for war, not peace?
Why is it that no one ever thinks about the consequences of their actions?

Soul Mate

How can there be one soul who can make our life so much better
Exactly how can this spectacular mortal be the perfect one?
The time I have devoted looking & searching, has paid out
Because I am no longer alone & left out there in the cold.


Being united is what we all should be thinking about.
We are all one, we are all equals
when the time comes we must answer
why weren't we there for each other?


Fueled with anger
riddled with pain
why do things always have to be this way
hard as it is,


why does it hurt so bad when
your with someone else
what is it called?
is it love or is it something else

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Wahab Abdul 30 September 2012

you are a great poetess, i love your poetry.

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Samir Das 25 August 2011

superb... the poem shows your emotional depth with the height of realistic vision.

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