Hear The Children Crying. Poem by DICKSON MSETI

Hear The Children Crying.

I can hear their voices,
listen carefully you'll here them too,
be attentive, you can feel their pain,
but don't just sit there to observe their tears.

just move move your eyes here and there,
you'll hear them around the world,
move your eyes to middle east,
take them to Iraq and Afghanistan,

don't end up there,
go and have a rest in Africa,

If you have strength,
just go around and observe,

A Son of Somali land starving,
A Daughter of Sudan land dying,
Twelve years old girl of Congo raped,
Ooh! just their sound of pain.

I can feel what hurts most,
those they depend on, lean on,
are the Beast who turn on them,
What they care most is what they desire.

Their sound of pain,
is like a music in the Bar,
or a love whisper in the bed room.

Ooh please World,
hear them out, as politics won't,
console them, as they have been abandoned,
rescue them, as they have lost faith,
please, be humble to them, as they've fear hunting them.

Sheldon Saluta 30 April 2010

i'm speechless! asin!

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 27 April 2010

it would be better if you will promote this poem

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Sandra Fowler 27 April 2010

A poem of awareness and sensitivity. In Heaven the angels of these tragic children, always behold the face of God. Kind regards, Sandra

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Elena Sandu 26 April 2010

I use to have a smile and heart gets warm when hear a baby cry..It is his way of saying here I am, hi! . When a child gets a scratch, give it a care and kiss, the pain away to go! -I smile..I smile when I hear a child saying -mother! I'm hungry, lets go to eat, my choice is ice cream..I always smile while watching any child..I might manage a smile also when I hear this poem's children's cries but I cant watch them...my sight is blurred by my own tears..oh dear children, how unfair this world can be..

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Nooruddeen Mm 25 April 2010

A great message to the world Hope people listen Rgds Noor

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D.J. Ray 13 May 2010

this is what i've been saying with every poem i write. around the world millions of people wake up every day in extremly poor neiborhoods. no hope to get out, no way to get out, live in die in the same place. i mean i live in america one of the richest countrys on earth and i still live in the ghetto and always will because nobody cares about people who they see as less human then themselves which inj my opinion is why the world is so. well. doomed basicly, nobody cares about the people who work there fingers to the bone trying to feed there family and will probly keep on doing that for the rest of there lives.

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Dear Poet Friend Dickson, You requested my comment by private message. I wish to collaborate with your heartfelt dedicated words here that will help others more fortunate listen, observe and do something about it. My own efforts for Love and Peace, especialy for childen and their familes is a song lyric that can be translated easily in any language. It's melody can inspire to be sung by all whom read, and listen with Love, Empathy and Compassion. The poem is listed first on my own List is; 'A New World Melody' Pass on the feelings every way you all can. Put all such poems and those of others in a string arounfd the world, copy written for 'Humanity'and all life on Earth louie levy

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Patrick O'shaughnessy 11 May 2010

this is a really amazing poem that catches the feeling and emotion of children in our hurting world. nice choice of words. keep writing

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that is so true keep writing your bound to have a carer in writing ur AMAZING! ! ! !

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Monique Brokencyde 11 May 2010

This is amasing i hope u keep writting

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