Globalization And Its Impact On Indian English Poetry Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Globalization And Its Impact On Indian English Poetry

Globalization and its impact on Indian English poetry,
How to negate it,
India going colonial, post-colonial,
Modern and modernistic
And post-modern,
Urban and city-dwelling
With the metropolitan towns and mega cities
Shopping malls and multi-complexes,
Plazas and pizzas,
Restaurants and cafeterias,
Cyber cafes and parks.

Those who used to write in the past
Too were under the British impact
Of Western education,
Convent schools and English education,
Western logic and reasoning
Otherwise they would not have
Taken the pains to write in English,
Was Tagore not,
Did Vivekananda not visit,
Was Sarojini not under,
Did Aurobindo not Savitri?

The echoes of the British masters,
The modern poets and the post-war exponents
Can be heard
In the works of the evolving poets
Of Indian modernism
Otherwise the India of villages
Would not have reverted to
In dress, food habit, dress and manners
And it can be seen in the love of the language.

Globalization, privatization and liberalization,
All these three
Are often talked-of terms,
We have not global
Or India has not
In a day,
It has taken time
In to be global,
Trudging into another man’s domains.

We left the older modes
And opted for new,
I mean replaced them
With new appliances and instruments
Afresh, anew,
The radio for the T.V.,
The telephone for the mobile phone handset,
The type-writer for the computer.

Kar lo duniya mutthi mein,
With this
The ad girl stuns us
With her stylistic featuring
And presentation
And we clutching it along
Her idea and message
Telephoning and talking
With one
From the other part of the globe.

Today the bobbed and mod,
Hi-fi and frank girls
Can be seen
Calling themselves poetesses
For to come in the media limelight,
Whether they write or not,
I mean the fashionistas and socialites,
Modern, up-to-date and heroine-like.

It is the impact of globalization
That we are talking about
The diaspora dais,
Exchange programmes,
Overseas destinations,
Tours and travels.

Denis Mair 21 September 2018

When we consider the inexorable impact of globalization, it is hard to imagine where we could go to find a uniquely native point of view. At the heart of your poem is sympathy and nostalgia for the native point of view. One wants to ask how it could have happened so pervasively and unidirectionally. Your observations document the accelerating hybridization of identity we all face.

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