Gloom And Doom - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

it was when your excitement was only the strong wind from the forest
the ripe mangoes fall for
you to pick them up
you run for excitement, the thrill of ripe fruits falling to your hands

it was when your sadness was only about a failing grade
on a math quiz

it was when your happiness was the carabao ride
from your nipa hut to the public school

it was when your sweet face was kissed by your mama
your hair caressed by a friend
simple memories

it was when your escape was the plunge in the river
with your naked friends

it was when your conversations are about fairies and princesses
and frogs and lost shoes

it was when the coolness was the thick grasses spreading
on the plains

it was when joy was the playing and bathing under the rain
on the month of November

now these changes have made things more complicated
people are hard to deal with and
a self that is deeper, darker
and difficult to really understand

now there are more severances, dreams that do not come true
failures keep coming, alienation of the self, the soul from the body

reverses, and uncertainties, longer nights,
without the stars,
a moon covered by thick clouds,
the heavy rain promising another big flood

gloomy crystal balls, smokes of fire, and
misfortunes of the mind

that earthquake is not the last.
when will this bad karma ever end?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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