Glory In Granite

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Some I know,
the rest only by name.
Some of you were brought home.
Some of you never came.
On this granite bears the name
of those who gave the most.
Those who returned remember with
tears. Those who are lost
are among these names:
lives without you aren’t
the same. To see your names
is a remembrance of a life
you gave.
Sons, daughters and friends
are among these names.
The price you paid and the
life you gave. How glorious
be those whose names are placed
at this quiet place of reflection.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: war,war and peace
Vietnam Veterans And Families.Vietnam Veterans deal with their life experiences in our unpopular war in so many ways differently. We all search for what we lost in that war. Believing at times that we found it. Securely knowing it may never be found. We cry in the shadows. and get lost in our distance stares. sometimes just lost in a blank space in time. I read here that one should write down in a journal of your experience. and that's a good ideal. Write it down for a moment remember and let things go. I enjoy writing my dreams and recalling my life's journal. I put my in what i call my thoughts of life in poetry that i find when I'm lost and i have gone to that space without dreams to find what i lost. i try to put into a poem (my journal) that i share and i do find some peace. Thank you for your comments, and allowing me to show what i find in that distance space. with poetry
Josph Stanco 28 May 2018

Beautiful Words...Thank You...

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