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Silence Of War

Over the jungles filled with war
another mission once more.

Only days away until my tour is done.

Dates To Remember

A place to go, a place to be.
I have a date at a place to be,
a place to go and people to see.

View In The Mirror

This morning and as so many morning before
I wash my face to begin my day.

As I look into the mirror I see the wrinkles

Old Friends

In the meadow I stopped and looked about, seeing all the beauty that surrounded me and the warmth and the beauty of the Heavens.

In the beauty of the wildflowers I felt the beauty and warmth of old friends, and recall the wisdom given by so many that stayed with me, throughout.

Morning Sun

I sat in the morning sun waiting for it to chase
the chill of the night away.

As I listened in the silence I realize I wasn't waiting alone.

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13 January 2016

If a door opens on it's own. And you say ' come in '. Have you invited death in? If death came in, would you sat and share with death your plan? If you make death cry, it may stay. But if you fill it with laughter it may just go away. Close the door. Just watch as death seems to just evaporate away

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