Ronald Strickland Poems

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Silence Of War

Over the jungles filled with war
another mission once more.
Only days away
until my tour is done.

Dates To Remember

A place to go, a place to be,
I have a date at a place to be,
a place to go and people to see.

View In The Mirror

This morning and so many mornings before
I wash my face to begin my day.
As I look into the mirror, I see the wrinkles
and hair that has turned gray.

Grown Men Don't Cry

Feelings that give thoughts that seem
to drift into a place where my
eyes close to hold back the tears.
To walk away,

Grim Days

I have laughed,
I have cried,
I have friends that I had to tell goodbye.
I have retained the kindness we shared,

Kindness In A Smile

A smile is like sunshine that brightens my day,
a smile that chases away a dreary day.
A smile that shines through the darkness of a day,
as if the night had come too soon.

You Must Have Been Away

Today I spoke of my love for you.
But you must have been away.
I talked of the stars
and how they seem to be so secure

Old Friends

In the meadow,
I stopped and looked about,
seeing all the beauty that surrounded me
and the warmth and the beauty of the Heavens.

Morning Sun

I sat in the morning sun,
waiting for it to chase the chill of the night away.
As I listened in silence,
I realized I wasn't waiting alone.

Autumn Love

Autumn leaves fall with grace so as not to
disturb the floor of the earth as it
gives cover to say farewell to the season.
Wildlife feeds on the fruits and nuts of the season's bounty.

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