Go Ask Your Grandmother Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Go Ask Your Grandmother

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When time comes to replace the old,
With new adventures to address...
Those who are much younger,
Aren't familiar with those 'old' days...
Gone to reminisce to remember them,
Blissfully as perfect in ways to embellish...
By those romanticizing what today they miss.
As if they did not take them 'then' for granted,
With a wish to skip over them to dismiss...
As quickly as they came to leave to be gone!

How do you remember your childhood? '

~A lot of stupid people doing stupid stuff.
To leave their stupid mess to be cleaned up,
By those stupid enough to do it.~

'But grandma says,
Those were the best times of her life.
And she is reminded of it,
At least two or three times a week.'

~She did?
She must be talking about those times,
When stupid people weren't around...
To assist us to get you here.
And every moment we can get,
Incredibly enough...
Is still a pleasure.~

'What do you mean by that? '

~Be patient.
You'll discover that on your own.~

'Will I like it? '

~You will.
As long as you don't enjoy too much of doing it,
With stupid people.
I was lucky to find chemistry.~

'I HATE chemistry.
It's too hard.
I sweat through it all the time.'

~That's the only thing that 'still',
Keeps me liking it.~

'What do you mean by that? '

~Go ask your grandmother.
She will agree.
The sweating done is the best part,
To deliver just what is needed.
For us it is.~

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