Michael Joseph Jackson Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Michael Joseph Jackson

Rating: 5.0

Glamour and the price of fame...
May produce a name.
Bright among rhinestoned stars.
In shallow glistening galaxies.

Entertained talents rise to heights.
To twinkle and dazzle for entire lifetimes.
With a climb that shines!
And can be difficult to maintain...
For those with gifts the envious wish to strip.

The burning fades as age appears.
And desires to remove any stains,
That may have shamed...
To rekindle and regain expectations.
Producing a familiar flame.
Hopeful to erase those degradations claimed.
Seem too exhausting,
To give and keep the same unchanged.

Deep feelings felt are not faked.
From an unhappiness that takes place...
Inside of the heart of the one who knows,
Fate awaits.
A closure comes and must be exposed.

As others patiently seek to leech and leave!
This one sees...
And it eventually shows!
To a public in deep sorrow.
An 'icon' has been divinely robed.

It eventually extinguishes,
The light that glows.
To forever be remembered,
For its authenticity.
And genuine heartfelt sensitivity.
This stays.
Not to go away,
From those memories blessed.

Dedicated in Loving Memory:
Michael Joseph Jackson

'Michael, you will always be loved.'

MuSiC HeaD 25 June 2009

thats beautiful... thanks for writing this... RIP Michael...the legend will never die..

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 25 June 2009

I felt it a 'duty'. A privilege. An honor!

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Stacey Watts 25 June 2009

Excellent piece. Very well written and I know today I felt as though a true supstar legend has faded away.

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Carol Gall 25 June 2009

you did honor michael thank you may his memory live forever in hearts

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Jazza Bella 19 July 2009

Like Right Now I got so much love for you. I'm tired of people saying so much bad stuff about him. It's time somebody word's towards him is not only of icon's and love. You write about him with such heart felt grace. This poem is truly a product of divinity. Only God gives gifts like that You are blessed. Thank You! !

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Prabir Gayen 01 June 2019

And genuine heartfelt sensitivity. This stays. Not to go away, From those memories blessed... fine

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Julian Krone 09 June 2010

this poem was... so respectfully 4 Michael. Thanks 4 making this.

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Sal Altschul 02 June 2010

Great work :) Long live the King.

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Liz Bellinger 04 May 2010

we lost such an amzing person and performer

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Natasha Sajid 09 January 2010

michael nevers dies hes always in our hearts

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