Go Tell Nepa Poem by Michael Eziudo

Go Tell Nepa

Go tell them that ought to have given you light
That no matter how much a time they change their names
They remain to us a symbol of deep acrid darkness
Wolves in sheep clothing will always be wolves
Just as the police even in their shades of blue
Are to us a repulsive sight of stinking blackness
Though our friends they claim to be like lies to us are true
In the overt truth they haven't changed a bit from the foes,
fiends and brutal enemies we buy with our monies
Go tell them

Go tell them that ever since they started seizing the light
First intermittently, then temporarily, and now permanently
They never cared to tell us what they do with it
No matter how much we yearned to know honestly
But now we know
We know that what they do is the indirect opposite of what
Robin the Hood did but with brown envelopes in their
Brown because their hands are too soiled to hold the white
Go tell them

Go tell them that we know that sometimes they release light
When kids are in school and adults are at work
And take it back then when in between the jinglers jingles
he screams "School dismiss" and bring it not again
And then when adults return, their hearts are heavy
Disappointed at what they get in the environment they
live in
"Cursed be this environment! " they say
Then they buy fuel for Gen they'd bought
In bid to solve a hearty problem
Yet Ignorants fail to know that this continuous temporary
solution to their problems
Is like a firefighter using gasoline fire to douse the smoke
sighted in dry-leaves forest of Australia

But before you go let me ask you too
When you buy Gen and fuel from the capitalist who pays
for your light to be seized
Aren't you that firefighter
When you wake up in the morning and shout kill corruptists
to kill corruption
Isn't it suicidal

In the end my truths may not be lies
And if my lies be any true show to us that they're lies
We are yearning for the reason why
Go tell them

Thursday, February 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: corruption,hardships
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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