Go Tell Your Brothers Poem by Michael Eziudo

Go Tell Your Brothers

If you are on Facebook,
It means you are learned or at least, you can read and reason what you've read.
They are not here because they aren't learned and can't read so go tell them

Go tell them that religion is deadly, the quest for power is destructive and bigotry can kill, it is the worst enemy of man - their worst enemy. They call for wars that come after war

Go tell them to sheath their swords and hide back their machetes and cutlass and bring them out only for farming.
So that they don't kill themselves in painful delayed venture that leads to slow gruesome death by killing us - if even they can kill us.
Or cause themselves more harm than good by chasing us far from them.

They should let us go peacefully as we cry of in this peaceful time by peaceful means
So that it will all go well for us and more well for them

Tell them to stop their hate talks and threats not that we fear anyway but to give them reason to hold peace by her happy spot and to make us reason and pity them when they will need us

They push and fight and want to kill us all but they forget that in whichever way, they'll be the most hit of the victimisation
Because if we agree to a fight, they'd lose more and if we don't and they keep killing us, because they know not how to keep clean, our carcasses would decay in their watch
And bring them diseases they'd never escape from
Until death knocks on every of their doors

Yes, tell them to look around.
Aren't they the poorest of all existing being
As it is already now that we're still with them
How much more when we leave them.
Yes, I've traveled round the regions and towns and villages and cities
And amongst all that I've seen
They're the poorest and the dirtiest of all that exist.
Our presence is simply to get them to do well and improve their condition
But they hate us and abhor our schemes yet they need us

Check out, see it yourself.
When smart person is needed, where intelligence is called for, when hard work is demanded
They call us in
We work diligently for the betterment of our nation. Not that we're boastful
You are good too where you are good
So fact remains a fact.

The fact that we diligently are often ready to work and serve humanity
Does it mean we are held captives?
It doesn't mean we want to be slaves all our lifetime, no.
Let peace be peace and not camouflaged.

Please go tell those unlearned brutes among you.
That they should either let us be in peace and carry out our duties, trades and responsibilities side by side amicably
So that we both enjoy from each other's existence
One you even gain the most from
Or you let us go in peace
So that they can still intertrade with us
And stay peacefully with us when they travel abroad to our nation
Else, their lifeline would be cut short and the veins of blood flow blocked
And then, they'll remain and even go worst than those images we see on the TV
Of how poor they are and how difficulty and pain together hug their boney bodies

Go tell your brothers to shut their mouths and sheath their swords for peace processes to be upheld.
We are for good and we cry for good

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: biafra,freedom,independence,peace
Dawn Novus 01 November 2017

If only reasonableness was desired rather than corruption of heart in quest of power, meekness is preserving and power hungry is starvation of worst kind. I love this poem. It starts one to ponder how one can turn peoples hearts from greed to service for the good of all.

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Michael Eziudo

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