God Poem by Diwakar Bhatt


Rating: 4.5

God! The omnipresent, omnipotent, creator and destroyer,
Dwells in every heart without discretion between rich and poor.
He loves those who love his creations; live as well as inanimate,
He helps those who help others without any motive to promote.

He is the one, who holds the sky, catches the storms by their hair,
He makes the wind to blow; he keeps the tides controlled in his snare.
His ways are mysterious, miraculous, impossible to decipher.
He is the one who instill fear in sinner and faith in worshiper.

He is a companion of anyone confident and full of perseverance,
He abandons those who have deceitful conscience with abhorrence.
He treads earth as his own incarnate when mankind suffers,
To save humanity and to keep the faith alive when it withers.

His glory is eternal without any end or the beginning,
Reciting even his name only, gives the bliss unending.
He is formless to some, to someone an entity to portray,
Different may be creed, contemplation but faith can’t sway.

He sees us all with same benevolence and compassion only,
He forgives the repentant souls, absolves them of every folly.

Hans Vr 21 June 2011

Very good poem. Religions have common essentials. God is the Unifier. People are looking and glorifying their differences with others. Very well written

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Diwakar Bhatt

Diwakar Bhatt

Delhi, India
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