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God Is Watchful Of Our Heart - Poem by Gary James Smith

Gospel Tidbit..........GOD IS WATCHFUL OF OUR HEART

I have been praying for an older friend of mine that he might come to know the Lord.....I often ask him out to church services but he kindly declines....One week I asked him to come out for the pre-service breakfast time.........He said that he wouldn't mind coming to the breakfast, but as far as the church part goes, well I could forget that......I still said, sure that is fine with me Nick....If you would like you only have to stay for the breakfast time..thinking that maybe if he would come to the breakfast that he quite possibly would wind up attending church (oh wouldn't that be great) . Well that Sunday morning came and I went and picked up Nick and brought him to the service.....Sure enough, he stayed and had breakfast and had some chit chat with other of the folks there but when it came time for everyone to head over to the other side for church (our gymnasium is joined) separated by long curtains he declined, even after some very friendly persuasion on my part, I mean very friendly persuasion.. Oh well I thought, him coming to just a early hour breakfast was a good place to start...At least it broke the ice and he got to know a few folks...Praise the Lord for that....Over the past couple of years I have been gently plodding away at him to come out to the services but no.................he won't budge from his stance! You might have known and are still praying for some folk like that as well eh. Well, a few weeks ago our pastor shared that there would be a men's breakfast at a neighbouring church. I mentioned this to Nick during the week and asked if he would like to attend....Seeing that he had already attended an early morning breakfast and enjoyed it, he consented to come along with me on an early Saturday morning......Before that transpired however, another Christian friend of mine called and asked if I and my son would like to come out to a men's retreat at a nearby bible camp for the weekend. I answered, sure we would love to come........I mentioned to my son about the invitation and he said, sure dad I would be interested in coming. Then I thought, I will call Nick and see if he would like to come out for the weekend with us as well.. I gave him a call with that request and he said that he would think it over...........him usually thinking it over, usually means no! In his creativeness, which he seems to have a lot of, he called back shortly thereafter to decline. I said think it over and we would still love for you to come...He said alright but no I don't think that I will be going......Well, to complicate matters more, one of my other sons had asked if I would drive him and his girlfriend up to Calgary. I consented and didn't get back until late friday evening.....As it was too late to go out to the bible camp and sign in.. I thought well, me and my son will sign in tomorrow morning...Tomorrow morning came and my son who was to come along with me to the bible camp wasn't feeling up to snuff.. I thought, well I will give him a few hours and he could probably change his mind...That change of mind didn't happen.......In the meantime back at the ranch......My son whom I had taken up to calgary called and asked if I could now come back in to pick him up.. I said sure and had asked Nick if he would like to come along for the ride......Here I could have taken him up to the neighbouring town for the men's breakfast if I had known how things we going to play out, but, then you never know how things are going to play out at times, do we....Upon arriving in Calgary and trying to make contact with my son, we found that he and his girlfriend were at a neighborhood mall (through a conversation with her father) . We drove to the mall and were unable to find them....Not wanting to detain Nick any longer.....I said, we may as well head home Nick. He said no, If we are up here this far we may as well wait until they contact us as it would be foolish to have to drive all the way out to Champion again and then have to come back in......I agreed with his thoughts in that case........I said, well then. lets go and grab a coffee (Tim Horton's of course) . He said that he had to use the restroom facilities as well anyways.......Upon arriving at the coffee shop, I said well, let's go through the drive through because it is really busy in there and there is a spot close by that has excellent restroom facilities.. He said, sure let's go there......Those better restroom facilities was at a local church (seating of around 2500) that had a Saturday evening church service. It was around the exact time that the service was about to begin.....Thinking wouldn't it be wonderful if we could sit in on the evening service, but quickly dismissing that thought, knowing Nick's attitude. I said, I will let you out here Nick and I will go and park the car.......He said sure and jumped out...I found a parking spot and entered the building. The service was already in progress and some people were milling around in the common area watching the church time on t.v. monitors. I could see that Nick had found the restroom facility as he was nowhere in sight...I moseyed on over to the double doors which we open and began to listen to the speaker as he had just started his message...At the same time keeping an eye out for Nick.....Sure enough Nick was walking towards me.. I nodded and was thinking, too bad that we couldn't stay for this service.......well Lord, You know........Expecting Nick to want to leave immediately, I was suprised when he asked......what's up......I said they are just about to start the evening service (they have an early Saturday evening service 6: 00 P.M.) he said, well, do you want to go in and listen to it... I said, you wouldn't mind...he said.....well. we're already here.. might as well.......I patted him on the shoulder and said thanks Nick......The usher seated us and we began to listen to the message....After quite a few minutes into the message, Nick nudged me and this going to be much I said, just a couple of more minutes........sure enough the speaker next said.........'and for my final point'........I thought.........thank you Lord! What an unexpected way that God had blessed to have my friend Nick sit in on a service in its entirety. God knew my heart's desire and brought into fruition that blessing........Praise God from whom all blessing flow......Just as that service finished and I turned back on my cell phone..My son that we had been trying to pick up called and informed us that he was now ready for us to pick him up.........God's perfect timing! Nick had gotten to hear another message from God's word aside from my trying to win him into the kingdom......Pray for him please...............................Nick........ ..Thanks and have a great day............................................Ga ry James Smith

God is watchful of our hearts
He knows their deep desire
When we walk in obedience to Him
He makes great things transpire
And then the heart gives praises to
The God who reigns above
Who seeks the sinner through our lives
And showers them with love

Love that God so loved the world
He gave His only Son
Not that we loved Him He says
But He loved us everyone
Who is on your heart my brother
Keep him in your prayers
Seek to win the lost to Him
For in this Cause He Cares!

copyright March 1,2013,6; 15 a.m.
Gary James Smith

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Came to me after thinking about a friend of mine that I have been praying for that he might come to know Christ as his personal Saviour

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