Let's Praise God For Jesus Christ Poem by Gary James Smith

Let's Praise God For Jesus Christ

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Praise God For Jesus Christ

Praise God for Jesus Christ
Who was not ashamed for me
But humbly went upon a Cross
To bear sins death for me
I cannot but help to praise Him
Who by His Holy Spirit
Now indwells this heart of mine
O brother...sister...hear it!

That the very God of Heaven
Should come and dwell amongst men
I have to praise Him repeatingly
Repeatingly I say...amen!
My heart found its true rejoicing
Upon my forgiveness day
When through the precious blood of Christ
My sins were washed away!

Talk about a new paint job
Well mine was done within
Painted by the hand of grace
Who has power to forgive our sin
He painted a cloak of righteousness
On this heart of mine
And it now beats rejoicingly
Since I have made Christ mine!

O what a hallelujah to find Him
The lover of my soul
With a guarenteed steadfast faithfulness
I love to be under His control
For He who knows tommorow
From its beginnings to its end
Has proven Himself over and over
To be this saved sinner's Friend!

Yes praise God for Jesus Christ
When love wore its finest Crown
Placed upon the head of our loving Saviour
As drops of blood poured down
They crowned a King that day
That day of Crucifixion
The awesome reality when that hits home
Will be one day most gruesome!

His death has brought me life!
And has given me hallelujah's
I too shall be raised one day
What a grand hullabalooya
O to know Him and His love
Hallelujah! ...Hallelujah! ...Hallelujah! ...thrice!
I must say it one more time again!
Praise God For Jesus Christ! ! !

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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Gary James Smith

Sylvia Frances Chan 10 August 2021

Indeed, let's praise J\God for Jesus Christ, so true!

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Varsha M 09 August 2021

Yes we have somany things to praise God to honor him snd to say him good. So well penned.indpiring indeed his death for us is worthy to be lived and honored.

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Thanks so much for your comment

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 August 2021

To my Favourites! I am amazed your end-rhymes are brilliant and your appearance on PH gives Peace to the soul and keep me whole. A gorgeous poem full of the Lord, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, so true! Thank you!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 August 2021

5 Stars fullest for this mesmerizing gem, dear Gary. A scintillating poem about our Saviour Jesus Christ. Very happy to have come across this deep devotional delightful poem.

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Gary James Smith 10 August 2021

Thank you Sylvia for your kind comments...have a wonderful day

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Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

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