Cathy Hodgson

Freshman - 859 Points (USA Ohio)

God Of Thunder - Poem by Cathy Hodgson

1Lost without her love, clouds gather darkest pain
Singing her death song, took her on a voyage of strain
The waves they toppled her into The Niagara River
Cold water took her under with her last shiver

2Floating to the crest of the falls in a sad state
Heno the God of Thunder took concern of her fate
With delicate hand she was cared for by his youngest son
Who fell in love with the sweetness, of her heart he won

3Legends filled Niagara with joyful enchantment thoroughly under
Oh how their marriage overjoyed the god of thunder
Soon another jubilant fascination took them by surprise
Part human and god would be born from their loving rise

4Born to them a male baby who loved his grandfather best
The grandfather loved all of his new family and felt blessed
The maiden missed her tribe yet was a very happy wife
Until one day chanced a serpent who would stir up some strife

5A great snake came down the river and poisoned the water
He settled in to feed on the people like a great squatter
The Maiden ask if she may go back to warn her adored
And with the soft heart of a grandfather he did accord

6With his hand in the middle of her people he sat her down
She told of the serpent and how they would be a ghost town
The people decided to pack up bound for a life to roam
Heno himself came and took her back to her new home

7When the serpent went to feed his mouth hissed foam
The serpent was determent, turned upstream to comb
Heno heard the might roar of the serpents raged voice
Heno threw a great thunderbolt and it died in the hoist

8The body of the serpent floated down stream
It created a large circle at the falls seam
it caused huge amounts to fall over the god's home
Horrified by this disastrous turn of events he moan

9Heno swept in through the falls and did his best
to stop the massive influx of water, but he arrest,
to the destructive plight of his most loved home
Heno call the maiden and his sons to comb

10Calling for them all to come away with him
and up to the sky where there was no brim
The mighty Thunderer made them all a new home
From above he could watch and the people roam

11Now he thunders in the sky as once he thundered
Behind the great falls, until that disastrous blunder
There is still the legion of Niagara Falls to be told
For his echo still rings from behind the falls bold!

© cat hodgson

Maid of the Mist VII
◾Years of service: 1997-present;
◾Length: 80 feet (24 m)
◾Breadth: 30 feet (9.1 m)
◾Depth: 10 feet (3.0 m)
◾Gross tonnage: 155[9]
◾Engine: two 350 horsepower (260 kW) diesel
◾Passengers: 600

Topic(s) of this poem: folklore

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