God's Country Poem by Randy McClave

God's Country

First they attacked the immigrants
And no one did really care,
But, unconditionally I always did
So, for them all I always said a prayer.
Then they attacked the transgenders
And those who were bisexual and gay,
But, for them I also did care
So, for them all unto God I did pray.
Then they attacked those believers
Who were teaching of the birds and the bees,
I gave them all of my tears
While unto God I prayed on my knees.
And then there was those who were murdered
Just because of their race,
Then I felt an anger and a sadness
As I pleaded for God's almighty grace.
Then they attacked the authors
Because of the books that they had wrote,
Then their books were outlawed and burnt
Then they stepped on every author's hands and throat.
They then attack the peaceful protestors
But, they never bothered the KKK,
They stood for the politicians who stood for hate and lies and violence
And they didn't bother the NRA.
Soon this country will be the same color and belief
By murders, deportations, name calling and bereft,
No more books of history or of religion will be read or written
Then we will have found out, God had finally left.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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