God's Will

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God's Will

Everything happens with the
Wish of God,
Without the presence
and the motivation of The Almighty
nothing happens,
Even a blade of grass stops moving,
Air stops blowing and the waves
move because of the wish of God.

Is this true?
Without the active motivation
Of God nothing does happen?
It is not the case,
It is a way of living,
A very deep and faithful way of living,
God is and this is-ness is the cause of existence.

But everything happens as usual,
God is not the cause of happening,
He is a deep witness and apart from
He is passive and silent,
He is beyond activity,
Everything happens
without the wish of God.

God is beyond wish,
His Godliness lies
in His being beyond wish,
God is a deep state of inaction,
A state of doing nothing,
God is Joy beyond Mind,
God is love beyond condition,
God is presence without action.

But it is a very beautiful way
Of being alive and fresh,
Leaving everything with God,
And doing without motivation,
Nothing belongs to me and
I am nothing and have nothing
to do is a deep state of surrender,
Fulfilling God's wish is a sign of
deep rest and relaxation.

Everything is full of God,
Nothing exists without His presence,
He is present as presence,
He is the fragrance of a bud,
Chirping of birds and
Vigour and vitality in Beings,
He is everywhere and
Every wish happens in His breast.

Believing in God is a step forward,
Have faith in God a maturity,
Trust in God a deep surrender,
With deep trust happens deep Love,
Behind surrender taking everything
as good or bad there is deep respect
to be able to say ' Everything happens
In His sweet Will',
Life is beautiful and Surrender is the
greatest way to be a witnessing Self,
A beautiful way to approach Self.

@prabir Gayen
12: 42 AM. Thu, May 20/2021.