Godwin Was A Slave Poem by JOHN THE GIFTED HANDS

Godwin Was A Slave

Rating: 5.0

Godwin was a slave
He never had a father or mother that loved him dearly
They died when he was a baby
He never had a birth certificate
So he doesn't know how old he was!

He has never slept in bed
Nor sang the Christmas songs
The only place he knew were the metal bars
So he slept alone

He was conditioned to believe that his life has no value
He only cared for his master
His, was not a life
So he was very sad!

But things are about to change for Godwin
And when he was taken out of the wanderland and placed on the moving wagon
His chains and shackles fell off
And Godwin was so afraid
He has never seen the light!

Now he has moved
through the narrow bridge, and has arrived wearing the dirty clothes with huge holes in them
The city seems very strange
And tooth for tart it is
But Godwin will make a brand new history as the former slave

This poem speaks about the joys of freedom at last
Bri Edwards 25 May 2023

I read it and it has promise; I MIGHT GIVE you some SUGGESTIONS, ...if i hear back from you. And 'tooth for tart' is? ? I bet you, as I did, will find no site about that phrase. I tried & found sites about tartar on teeth, and for tat, etc. but no 'teeth for tart'.

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Thanks.....I already inboxed you. My really sincere gratitude

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Thanks Mr Bri my gratitude and I'm very open to the SUGGESTIONS. THANKS

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 May 2023

Excellent narration, loveliest worded, TOP Marks for the poem, enjoyed tremendously, and TFS

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My sincere GRATITUDE.....Thank you very much MA. Warm greetings from here and God bless! ! ! !

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2023

If I hear back from you, JTGH, I may leave more comments. ;) bri (NOT Mr. Bri, unless you really want to use that name)

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2023

Since you used 'has never' in line 6, I suggest 'sung', not 'sang' in line 7. lines 8 & 9: I don't know what line 8 means. IF it means he was kept in a metal cage, he still could have slept with someone if the cage was large enough! ;)

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2023

line 6: I would probably use 'a bed'. line 2: Godwin could have been loved, even though he may not have been aware of it or he may not remember it.

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2023

line 1: generally I would NOT refer to a person or persons/people as 'that'. line 5: 'So he doesn't know how old he was! ' Generally I'd pair 'doesn't' with 'is', or 'didn't' with 'was', NOT 'doesn't' with 'was'.

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Bri Edwards 25 May 2023

In any case, welcome to PH, a free but not perfect site for poetry. There may be no 'perfect site' for anyone. : )) bri

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