When I was a child
and had no shame
and no worries
We would sit by the moonlight

Godwin was a slave
He never had a father or mother that loved him dearly
They died when he was a baby
He never had a birth certificate

Dear Sidney,
The first day I saw you
I was star strucked
Don't know how to tell you this

My guardian angel
You are the gifts of the Holy spirit
You are gentle
You do not dine nor wine with troubles

Wishes were horses
I would stay up late in bed
And have the world done it for me

The sun shines brightly
more than the beams of light
It shines lightening up rough corners for us to see the sharp edges
It lights the path

We are the prides of Barbados
Tempted though yet unbeguild
We who saw our feet buried under the fires of the African sun when the flames of stormy blast

Unselfishly, you left your fathers and your mothers,
You left behind your sisters and your brothers.
Leaving your beloved children and wives,
You put on hold your dreams - your lives.

Dear lord,
hear this soulful cry.
My knees are planted under the clouds of tear drops,
Through your tender love and care laid with mercy

Before the exchange of the marriage vows,
on that faithful day when the clouds above the mountains were tainted beautifully with colours of pomegranate

My dad took me in secretly and sat me down on the dinning stool

At age 10 all she wanted was to be the teenager she craved
At age 13 she thought by 18 she would finally be free to make a choice
When she became 18 she just wanted to take hold
Still till she became 20

Count it all joy
when the world is trending with fires and disasters
and our fears and doubts are set off in motion
Never be moved

The gift of the holy spirit is
It bringeth peace and added no sorrows
It healeth and filleth up the broken bones

Tempted though yet unbeguild
When I fall upon the miry clay
Soaked with kicks and pricks of thorns
And I break down unable to stand

To be born is one thing
To be here is another
Then to learn is also another
And to be corrected is love

You can be want you
want to BE
If you BELIEVE and work
HARD at it

Praise him who breath the word in me
Praise him that gave me hands to write
Praise him now with my feet I can stand
Praise him who taught me how to use my time wisely

African police
Born on a summer day
You can be the best history
And not the wayward misery

The gift of a man is wisdom
And wisdom is his strength and weapon to strike the merchandise of kicks and pricks of thorns that is familiar with tragedies

And understanding is the reward of steady experiments and constant rearranging of pot-holes into melodious path ways to rhyme with meaning of existence

dark times does not haunt after the men of light,
how then can we know how precious is the moon upon the diamonds?


My name is JOHN THE GIFTED HANDS. A graduate of Computer science and Mathematics. A poet and fiction creative writer. Has published a book - DESTINED TO BE)


When I Was A Child

When I was a child
and had no shame
and no worries
We would sit by the moonlight
On bare ground
and tease ourselves a story

And I had no fear
If the tangled night will crash
Even when hate runs in front
bitting and clawing to have his will
still we ate as one big family

And we would make a house
and build castles on the sand
and lay them straight on the narrow bridge

With chatter and laughter
We would run here and there happily
boys to boys girls to girls
When the rain is here!



Wilderness is the sweetest route to the land of the living and only the men of wilderness will dig through it with their sharpest spirit

Wishes are not horses. It's hardwork in its purest state. This is how to succeed!

For to be patient in all things is one perfect tool to conquer the issues of life with shapeless head which cannot be adjusted with mere punches

The wisdom of a man is his strength and weapon and peace of mind is the reward of the Labour

When you have everything and you don't have a maker whom you pray to daily, you will soon be reduced to nothing

And to be corrected is love but to listen is choice

Procrastination is a melodious path -way to the issues of life

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