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Going Away From Home.

Rating: 4.5

I will soon be sadly departing away from home
to see many places, faces, Paris maybe even Rome
the age of sweet 16... I`ll be tearfully all alone
marching to the Royal Navy...nervously on my own

When it finally come`s down to that madness of a day
will I have second thought`s...of will i go or will i stay
going away isn`t as simple as it`s sounds
not so many high`s, plenty of miserable downs

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John Nightingale 31 December 2007

Change can contain excitement and trepidation. Your poems contains both. Good stuff.

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John Richter 16 April 2015

Your poem 'When I Saw Her' was poem of the day today and after reading it I thought it was quite good compared to many other poets I have seen chosen for that honor... But still I didn't feel that it gave me a sense of who you are or the true depth of your artistry, so I found this one. It most certainly does. Congratulations on this intensely wonderful, insightful, timeless poem. Any poem that leaves my mind in stasis, or just limbo due to the brunt force of its connection to me, my past, memories, or those significant changes in my life - as you delicately described in this coming of age poem, is certainly a masterpiece... Thank you for sharing this Ricky...

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Malini Kadir 07 January 2008

Its just scary to begin with; then you will just get the hang of it.....So cheer up!

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Penny Hemans 06 January 2008

Hi Ricky! I always wanted to join the WRNS when I was 16. Good for you! You are continuing a great journey of life: good luck and all good wishes, Penny xx

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Ian Bowen 03 January 2008

Ricky, having made the same move as you are about to make...have no fear. Your poem comes straight from the heart, and shows that you are fearfull of the move. When you are an Admiral, I am sure you will look back on your fear with a large pension. Ian

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Effie Yalena Steyn 01 January 2008

Speaking as someone who has made the painful leap away from home, I reassure you it is not that bad. All the same, it is not home though, and I wish you luck in finding a place out in the world to call a new home. Good luck in the Royal Navy. As for your poem, beautifully emotive and telling. =)

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