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Others could tell you how he is there.
What went wrong, what stopped ticking,
Where health, medicine, science failed.
I am more interested in why he is there.

I don't believe in love, I decided long ago:
that other hearts were summer heat and mine was winter snow
I despised them for their impudence, oh such a long way to go!
I bet myself another life that I would never feel too

The day I killed a leader with my brushstrokes was unremarkable.

I sat in silence, an epiphany
of thought made my pencil throb against lily

The river is rife with the late spring life
and trees are teeming with birds that are singing
and the parks and the streets play host to children
playing, smiling, laughing.

Dark like black like hell, not coming back, stares like knives, like poison darts in my heart, squeezed so tight like lovers first night
with pain pain pain pleasure is absent. (Probably at the doctors.)

I am a
Deliriously dizzy daydreaming despot deluded downwards
Into inviting incriminating incidents. I
am an activist, antisocial atheist addict and apprehensive always about

In the blackness I prowl around my house, a loop of small town minds through mine.
I tried my hand at filmmaking, discovered that Hollywood's a lie.
America doesn't mind. She broods discontentment. She makes our ocean widen.
But the scalpel of age, it is I who can't make it cut.

For your hand,
your eyes,
your lips,
I would give my whole heart.

We’re moving at the speed of light,
this beaming endless never
Regretting path through life
and love and loss, it flashes past before

Immortal, incomparable
Inconceivable to many, this truth:
As the stars washed up on
painful shores, night falls.


I'll never be the same
Crystal heart in a glass body
High praise for a lady
Hair draped every so softly

Borax soap on a 'wooden' table.
Get me my UV Light- see the sparkles.
It's not really clean!

Hear the banging of the wood on wood deciding a life,
a living,
or is it just voicing the path of righteousness or re-offending to be
undertaken in a month, a year, a millennium?


(Do not swear, here is your redemption.)

You are so calm and full of grace
A winner of our IQ race

Tell me why, I dont like Mondays.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me all I ever want is right in your next smile.
Tell me you'll always be here.

Ivy Skies, my last goodbye
Will be to you my
love, my eternal friend.
Your love will never be lost on me

To the Night,
my sanctuary and saviour,
how I delight in your velvet
folds and soar over rooftops unafraid, in your enveloping

Wow. Your intelligence amazes
my blank chessboard brain.
Unlike A Scanner Darkly where the poor
man cries in vain.

It’s in the grass, it’s in the trees
It’s in the very air you breathe
A sickly scent, a telling rush
A sideways glance that makes you blush

An inner city farm for inner city kids
They know no different just the broken way they live
Hey mum, where does pork come from?
Look it in the eye, cry, but still it dies

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(life Support) Goodbye Grandpa

Others could tell you how he is there.
What went wrong, what stopped ticking,
Where health, medicine, science failed.
I am more interested in why he is there.
Does he deserve it?
I think not.
Tubes enter, violate saggy skin, tired with surviving old
eyes drop, droop closed, bloodshot at last look, never to see me again.
Something breathes in the corner.
It breathes for both of us.
Me- I am breathless with anger. Why now, Are-You-There-God?
Withered fingers curl on crisp sheets, sodden with the morning, sodden with lost hopes.

Flashbacks in dozing heads, of summers gone and swimming pools, and Grandpa in those horrid shorts.
Grandma had no taste, but I would give anything to see him in those now.
Flashbacks of nativity plays, of tea and scones and elderly friends
And all those Beale Park weekends,
Of perfume and hugs, of Old Spice and pats on expectant shoulders.

You beep, and inch by inch you turn greyer.
They aren't worried. 'It's time' they say.
A metronome keeps time as time fades away.

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Jessica Delgado 13 April 2015

I read two of her poems and I have to say this. She is an amazing writer I ever seen. Her poems are deep but beautiful. 😊 amazing! ! ! ! ! !

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Jerry Hughes 01 January 2008

......................................this young lady is a very gifted writer

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